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Yoshi's Song
Kazumi Totaka Lyrics

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I can't stop crying. :')

Internet Crusader

This song made me cry, even five months later. A beautiful rendition of a wonderful song that brings up childhood memories for me.

Eternal Gamer

@Kairu Hakubi IKR?! OH DEAR LORD, MY CHILDHOOD HAS COME BACK TO ME!!!😭😭😭 ( Well, obviously not literally but I'm sure you get the point.😌)

drigon carrillo

I know I was not the only one

Sorvete Grelhado

Tu por aqui cara!
Iae 👋😀

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We may only get 1-2 PPF videos per year but every one of them are complete bangers when they come around.

Eternal Gamer

@oh banana "Snicker", ahhh so humor isn't COMPLETELY dead yet...😌 Now THAT'S a relief.😉 (btw, I really did mean that as a compliment and not sarcasm, just in case this comment is ever misunderstood eventually.😰)

oh banana

You could say he's...backed up.


@ovinophile so true


And yet he has to maintain those fingernails year round!

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