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Saskia Kelly

Although I adore Keaton's voice too, I admire how even without it he can invoke as much emotion as he does from inside of me, even without it, Thank you for existing, Keaton. I'll be watching you tonight at the southbank :)

Nati Verdes


Joey Sandoval

I was talking to a girl who introduced me to this song.. she's gone now.. I lost her. But I'm grateful that her presence once dwelled in my life.. she introduced to me what it was like to be without limits. To break down the barriers that I had built around myself. The let go of the ties that I was using to limit myself. This music is not a sound, or a collection of notes.. it's art that can not be seen nor heard, only experienced.

Rowanne Scarratt

Joey Sandoval Awh this is really sweet, I'm glad music can have this wonderful impact on people :) You had a wonderful friend

Soujanya Namburi

I wish I had a friend like that

Roger Jesus

@Louie Hudson yea, I have been watching on InstaFlixxer for since november myself =)

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Yuval Belisha

Keaton Henson. I'm a medical student that needs silence when I study. Your focus, however, inspires me. I play your music loud while studying. It make thinking such a pleasure.


"We walk through this field, just You and I. Nothing exists beyond here, not even time. No words are needed for nature's song, as we float beyond the pines. In our heart the mountains we climb, it is not domination we hope to find, yet to bury ourselves in the soil. Our bodies nothing but a seed. But into a mighty oak we'll knead. The birds rest on our holy bark and find sleep. We make our way through tall grass when the sound of thunder travels to our ears they ring. The once golden horizon on the opposite side of squinting eyes, now opens wide in the blackness of the sky. Turning back as it swells with tears of a million eyes, through branches and fallen leaves bare feet flee the scene of the pines. In a wooden cabin, the flame of the lantern flickers on. We wipe our brows of the sins we shine. We listen to hum of rain outside. From the window I turn around to find, all of the universe encased in your darkened eyes. Our bodies seal on a bed of urgency, what our souls must wait to find." -Aleena

Idris Abidia

AleenaTheGreat I love you


Every day... going to the last floor of the building where I work... putting my earphones and listening to this song... and waiting for the sunset... between those beautiful countrysides around the city where I leave (Arequipa)... it makes me feel like I'm in heaven... resting in peace...

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