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Piano Sonata No. 32 In C Minor Op. 111- Arietta Adagio Molto Semplice E Cantabile
Kees Wieringa Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


6:37 Rag time

Migs 32

I thought Gould was a master? This sounds like shit!

Giuseppe Tisi

Great singer! He should just let someone else play the piano...

Anahit Alboyajyan


Sydney Valette

Unbearable mumbling lol

Marco Suluaga

Es la peor versión que he escuchado de esta sonata... ¿En serio es de Glen Gould? Esos trinos suenan horrible, muy apresurados, desbalanceado TODO, COMPLETAMENTE TODO, tocado como si tuviera afán, como si despreciara su melodía. Terrible.

Max Power

This is a singalong version? lol... crazy stuff Gould, crazy stuff.

Alexander Urban

Poor Beethoven rotating in his grave

Aall Pprr

Marco Suluaga what is balanced of the last beethoven? Ahhahahaha

Aall Pprr

Jacob Opper don’t worry take care

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