By The Way
Kef Lyrics

Ridin' down the boulevard on a midweek afternoon
It's a sunny day
DJ comes on the radio, spittin' out the latest tune
I wanna run away
Cuz I kinda miss the way it was
When she would meet me after school
Until her friends saw the both of us
And they told her I wasn't cool
And now with all the while I waste away dreamin' about back then
I'm gonna be late again

But, hey, I'm alright, by the way
And, I know that everything is gonna be okay

Well I saw her just the other day at that place in Hollywood
Where we used to play
She was talkin' to some guy looked like he just rolled out of bed
But in a funky way
And it kinda makes me wish
That I never cut off all my hair
I could mess it up just perfect
And she would see me standing there
And I'd try to make believe it didn't take all day
To make it stay that way

But, now, I'm alright, by the way
And, I know that everything is gonna be okay

Now I may not be the poster boy for confident delivery
Or dignity
But, In a fit of self belief, I extemporized some sympathy
From the maitre'd
And as she locked her eyes on mine
All the people disappeared
And I know that she could see my soul
Trembling in fear
And then all the past, the pain, the hate, and the anger disappeared
When she smiled at me

And, now, I'm alright, by the way
And, I know that everything is gonna be okay

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whos here from gmm and also surprised at how big they are LOL


Me listening to this with AirPods on

“Damn this sounds good.”

The Rain

I'll take it! Wrap it & bag it! Thank you very much.

Pursuit Perfect System

I agree with you :) Also maybe consider subscribing to my channel to help me grow and do more, thanks I really appreciate it.

mac man

Terry I think your pursuit to find the perfect system may just be over , for this sounds awesome !

Ivaylo Ivanov

Have you heard it live?

barry jones

I stumbled across this video searching for Innuos statement reviews. I'm still patiently waiting for mine, I ordered in June (when they were expecting the first deliveries to be in August) and now it's the other side of Christmas - the delays are unreal.

Stephen Wright

barry jones I ordered mine in May and got it 22nd December. They appear to have sorted out their production issues as the dealer I bought it from then received another four shortly after. I’m very pleased with it though.

Benny Chung

Thank you 🙏🏻
Good coverage of UK hiend

Barry Miller

It's odd. I've heard the Muons three times and have yet hear them sounding really good. (I speak as a KEF owner so I'm kinda rooting for them!) The Blades on the other hand have always sounded good.

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