Kellee Maize, Signs: We need your help!

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by Kellee Maize

Written by Kellee Maize
Vocal Performance by Kellee Maize ft. Sangya Trivedi
Produced by Diezel
Mixed by Diezel
Mastered by edan

(In hindi
Giving you signs
Lover lover lover
I've hidden my nights dream in my glance
Lover lover lover
I've decorated my wishes in my gesture.. My signs)

Giving you sign
I'm hoping that you will just read my min
You know I wanna get get it
Oh my lova you can help me get it

I know you feel me and I can feel you too
Ur aura kinda sticky you got me like glue
I will not regret there is no redo
Placing a new bet my knots undo
Deep inside I know you seethru
Strait to the source now begin me n you
Sayin nothin feel a jungle there is no zoo
Free to make sound an-a-mal will comes thru
I the got signals can you catch this
My inside tingles my eyes they undress
I see your souls love releasin the stress
Slow the rolls unceasing while you bless
I will not touch you just feel my vibe
Every side, unwind and then we stop time
You know what I need and just what to do
You leave then I bleed pls say that its not true

My body’s open and I vibrate
A subtle motion while you contemplate
Is she for me well what else you got boo
These other girls aint got nothin I do
Not tryna brag no its bout the yin and yang
She was off balance baby I am ur miss thang
You know my hips bang you wanna say my name
Last life you couldn’t hang you thought I was insane
We gotta change thangs I hope you know this
But now the time space it has left you open
Jump out the rat race and get to hopin
Got work ahead babe no time for mopin
Align it real straight Get me in your Focusi
In comparison know I am the dopest
This is something else we chose before breath And we will never part
I'm yours beyond death

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