Kelompok penerbang roket Lyrics

playing and singing with music
happy i am
forget all my sorrow
by life
all this happy
and please enjoy yourself
rejenebor of justice fei
no satisfying in this world
when we cannot be happy
that's a dream for me

I like Beatles songs
I love Rolling Stones
I love Led Zeppelin
But also the panbers i love
every music and melody i love

i am in the high
i am in the blind

every music melody i love
every music melody i love

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Fajri Nur

keren kkaka

Umank Rasyo


Andri Rahman



kenapa albumnya hilang dari spotify yah

Aidil Hasibuan

@Naufal Rizky klok itu gk tau lgi gua ngab. karena di gua bisa kok

Naufal Rizky

@Aidil Hasibuan udah bosku

Aidil Hasibuan

@Naufal Rizky belom updte mungkin punya lu ngab. gua ada semua

Naufal Rizky

@Aidil Hasibuan gw premium tetep gaada prenn

Aidil Hasibuan

@Sandi Permana di aku masih ngab

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