Just Another Girl
Ken Boothe Lyrics

I know and you know too that this love is really really true and
I know and you know too that this love is really really true and...

I want to tell you this in no mad kind of way but there's one thing you should know that you're just another girl...
Just another girl, that's what you are, you are
Just another girl, so nice and so smart
I love you but remember you're just another girl, girl...

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Seaghan Sionnach

Chím, is chíonn tú gur
fíorghrá go deo na ndeor atá eadrainn.
Chím, is chíonn tú,
gur fíorghrá go deo na ndeor atá eadrainn.

Éist le mo scéalsa, gan bhréag a deirim é,
tá aon rud beag amháin,
ní tú m'aon chailín amháin.

Aon chailín amháin, mar sin atá sé,
aon chailín amháin,
chomh mear, chomh breá,
agus is tú mo ghrá,
ach cuimhnigh nach bhfuil ionat,
ach aon chailín amháin.

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Kevin Jackson

I'm only 31 so I never grew up in Ken Boothe's hay day but his music always spoke to me. Even now I think he is one of Jamaica's best. Timeless music. Jamaica's Nat King Cole


Same age as you and I feel the same way. My dad played his music in the house growing up so its apart of my childhood growing up

Rich One

We take this rhythm for granted but it is really a wonderfully complex piece of work and sets the foundation for roots rock and dub iterations of reggae. Ahead of it's time.


The soulfull voice of Ken Boothe.Top draw selection.

Jan Vitvar

I love this song, fantastic...

Mark Cook

Great song. I got this in the 1980s on 10inch vinyl. Rare now I reckon. Two other good tracks on there too.

Pharmacy 4 The People

LOVE this song. All teenage girls should hear this song


Perfect Song!

Marilyn Lee

nice song love it

Fiyah Riddim$

Real bad man Tune!!!!This is music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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