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Compton Chemistry
by Kendrick Lamar

Yeah, see I know I can make a lot of money doing this man
It's just the whole process that uh...
That I'm having trouble with know what I mean
I know you just pretty much, you know
Get the water boiling and just uh get a jar or something like that
Put it in the jar and just watch it you know bubble up and all that
Shame on him! (what?)
Lemme put my gloves on
And my scrubs on
I'm the chemist that's whippin' it in the kitchen
This here is not for the children
You need parental advision
If you wanna learn how to cook in the dope business
First you bargain shop
Look for the priciest chickens
I recommend that you pay
Jorge a visit
Got it wrapped in saran
17.5 no
Drop four grand
This is LA man
Unless it be a drought
But homie if it ain't
Then it is somewhere else
Flip your hustle down south
That's a whole other story though
Back to the lesson
Hope you're takin' down your footnotes
Class is in session
Get your instruments
baking soda
triple beam
you can stir it with
Split nine Os four ways in that 36
Place it on the triple beam
As hard as it may seem, it's not that tricky
Say you'll get it baby just bear with me
Confidence before compliments
Now let's get busy
This is the procedure
250 grams of coke, 150 grams of soda
Place it in the beaker
Your water should be boiling by then
Grab a small cup and pour it in
Twist the hanger until it's paper thin
Place the hanger in the beaker then give your wrist a circular spin
But hold on it gets tricky again!
As your hand rotate
You're probably thinkin' it's safe
Until it starts to harden, slowing down the pace
The muscle inside your arm is makin' your joints ache
You're strugglin' on the job, but don't lose fate
Wait... you got it back soft (good)
Now pour some hot water inside the beaker jar
The work should rise to the top
Then pour some cold water on that
That's when the dope should drop
grab a razor from the cabinet
Place it on the cardboard, then chop
As soon as the razor hit the work, you're happy
You're excited that the chemistry worked
This the fiend's appetite
This bigger than life
You turned to
Mr. Nino Brown
You should thank me twice
Though you learned from a chemist who never moved a brick in his life
How ironic... hmm
Like most of you rappers
Aw I don't believe that man
You're too professional with it man
There's NO way you've never done it before, know what I mean
That was too descriptive

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