Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

I said I'm geeked and I'm fired up (fired, fire)
All I want tonight is just get higher (high, high, high)
Girl, you look so good, it's to die for (die for)
Ooh, that pussy good, it's to die for (on fire)

It's a secret society
All we ask is trust
(All we ask is trust)
All we got is us
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

Kung Fu Kenny now
My resume is real enough for two millenniums
A better way to make a wave, stop defendin' them
I meditate and moderate all of my wins again
I'm hangin' on the fence again
I'm always on your mind
I put my lyric and my lifeline on the line
And ain't no limit when I might shine, might grind
You rollin' with it at the right time, right now
(Only for the dollar sign)

Bad girl RiRi now
Swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve, deeper now
On your pulse like it's EDM
Gas in the bitch like it's premium
Haul ass on a bitch all in the fast lane
Been a bad bitch way before any cash came
I'm established
Hundred carats on my name
Run the atlas, I'm a natural, I'm alright

I'm a savage, I'm a asshole, I'm a king
Shimmy-yeah, shimmy-yeah, shimmy-yeah, rock (yeah)
You can tell your nigga he can meet me outside (yeah)
You can babysit him when I leave him outside
Ain't no other love like the one I know
I done been down so long lost hope
I done came down so hard I slowed
Honesty forever, all a real nigga want

I said I'm geeked and I'm fired up (fired, fire)
All I want tonight is just get higher (yeah)
(All I want is, all I want is)

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
10-4, no switchin' sides
Feel somethin' wrong
You actin' shifty, you don't ride
With me no more, I need
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

Tell me who you loyal to
Is it money? it is fame? Is it weed? Is it drink?
Is it comin' down with the loud pipes and the rain?
Big chillin', only for the power in your name
Tell me who you loyal to
Is it love for the streets when the lights get dark?
Is it unconditional when the 'Rari don't start?
Tell me when your loyalty is comin' from the heart

Tell me who you loyal to
Do it start with your woman or your man? (Mmm)
Do it end with your family and friends? (Mmm)
Or you're loyal to yourself in advance?
I said, tell me who you loyal to
Is it anybody that you would lie for?
Anybody you would slide for?
Anybody you would die for?
That's what God for

I said I'm geeked and I'm fired up (fired, fire)
All I want tonight is just to get high up
(All I want is, all I want is)

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
10-4, no switchin' sides
Feel somethin' wrong
You actin' shifty, you don't ride
With me no more, I need
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty
Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

It's so hard to be humble
It's so hard to be
Lord knows is I'm tryin'
Lord knows is I'm dyin', baby

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Anthony Tiffith, Chris Brown, Dacoury Natche, Kendrick Duckworth, Mark Anthony Spears, Peter Hernandez, Philip Lawrence, Robyn Fenty, Terrace Martin

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Dwyane Rose

@Idk Bruh...If you wiite peple and other non blaak peple think blaak are so bad and raacist why do y'all keep coming to our cullture and our music lol...

This conversation had nothing to do with non blaak peple dude...but y'all always seem to be in blaak peples business lol..

Imagine if me a blaak man..went to a country music video and said wiite peple are the most raacist...or went to a salsa music video or reggaton and said Latin peple are the most raacist...

Y'all non blaak peple talk so much crap about us blaak peple but yet y'all are obsessed with our music and cullture so much. Yall feel so entitled as if y'all have some say in OUR cultture when y'all don't.

If y'all don't like blaak peple and y'all think we are raacist then stay out of our culture and our music...don't ever come to or listen to a Hip hop, R&b, Soul, Disco, funk, jazz, trap, trapsoul, neosoul, original rock and roll before Elvis stole it from us(little Richard ext), don't watch things like soultrain, bet, or do dances like pop locking, breakdancing, B-boying, or the new age lit dances ext....

You don't see blaak peple in wiite, Latin, mexican peple business, cultture like salsa, country, reggaton ext...

But you non blaak peple always feel so entitled to come to OUR music and try to judge and tell us what we are..

Go back to y'alls cullture and leave us alone for once man...it's like us blaak peple can't have solace nowhere man..We always have to deal with you non blaak peple being nossy and in our business...

My comment had nothing to do wiith wiite peple and yet your bringing up blaak peple lol.....keep our names out your pathetiic mouth man and leave our cultture if you don't like us

Magaly Mosquera

And it goes way deeper.

I have a theory that TPAB, UU and DAMN. are meant to be just a single body of work instead of 3 different projects.

TPAB is the main base cuz it follows up directly from Good kid maad city, UU aren't leftovers, those are interludes/mid-section tracks that fit with TPAB's narrative and also open un for the one he displayed with DAMN., and DAMN. by itself is a paralleled lifetime, explaining the matrix from his perspective which, playing the album as it was released in april, just leds to him going back to where the DAMN. Timeline starts (Which is the God is Gangsta video, where he's taking a walk like he portrayed on BLOOD.) And the COLLECTORS EDITION is actually his real DAMNATION cuz he dies at BLOOD. (And notice how the COLLECTORS EDITION cover is black and white, the album's name is on his shirt instead of above him and you can see in his teeth, it's slightly separated for a gap, like his father. Yes, he's talking about not just the death of a little kid but himself, an actual figure for black culture and hip hop. The shirt could mean how he's putting his own lifetime on wax, but apparently just for the dolla cuz nobody seems to really do something with what they could learn from his artistry, and that my friends is BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Just like he explained on Mortal Man.)

It needs to be said that all over TPAB and UU he left so many hints that led me to this theory but many people say i'm trippin (i don't care, you'll see with his next album)

For example, on DAMN you hear 2 gunshots, at BLOOD and DUCKWORTH, if we hear the album as he released it, lady justice (Which is the woman he talks on BLOOD) kills him (But not HIM, she kills his MORTAL MIND which is why DAMN is about the matrix) but on the COLLECTORS one is him dying on a gunfight (It doesn't kill HIM once again, it kills his INNOCENCE as a KID, so that's why DNA is the song that comes before BLOOD in the collectors edition.

He displays 2 colors, red and green, which are displaying Kung fu kenny and Conrow Kenny as alter ego respectively. His black and white one could be K.Dot (His first artistic name)

But there's another one, Blue, which may be Kendrick himself, the one we see (Or barely see often now) just portraying his artistry trying to SAVE US, while he's living righteous, worried we don't wake up soon enough to help him on the way to make this world a better place.

And that leads directly into pgLang and his next album. I already know how pgLang works and what he means with it but y'know THEY SEE US. THEY SEE U. So ima shut up.

But please, think about. Process it. It'll blow your mind.


Rihanna+Drake= Hit
Rihanna+Eminem= Hit
Rihanna+Calvin Harris= Hit
Rihanna+Nicky Minaj= Hit
Rihanna+Shakira= Hit
Rihanna+Kanye West= Hit
Rihanna+Jay-Z= Hit
Rihanna+Chris Brown= Hit
Rihanna+Ne-Yo= Hit
Rihanna+Justin Timberlake= Hit
Rihanna+Maroon 5= Hit
Rihanna+David Guetta= Hit
Rihanna+Britney Spears= Hit
Rihanna+Coldplay= Hit
Rihanna+DJ Khalid= Hit
Rihanna+T.I= Hit
Rihanna+Kendrick Lamar= Hit
Rihanna is queen of the music 😍

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Shara Moore

Bruh life was too good when this came out

Torrio TheScorpio7

@Brandon Owens I agree and I was only like 15

Bokamoso Malibala




sumanth raju mullapudi

couldnt agree more @sharahmoore

D.S.G Dolo #2

But 2017 - 2019 Went By So Fast

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RihannaUK Section

sis really disappeared after this, i miss her so much :’(


@Marcyinthesky he back

souN herself

@Marcyinthesky king is back


Hes back

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