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Untitled 2
by Kendrick Lamar

Two tears in a bucket I cried with you
But I could never lie with you
I could never afford not to afford
I could never put my plans to the side with you
I could never see a red light, like a deer with the headlight
I freeze up when I re-up
See I barely had patience, and your relating
Only the moment to complete us
While you hate to work for us
Went to work for it, see 9 to 5 was so jive turkey
But when thanksgiving came, checks didn't hurt me
You plead the fif, I read the fifth amendment
We both criminals with bad intention
They say time heals all, but if I could short cut my success
Core vest bottom all uh
But why you so sad
Walking around with them blue faces
They say I'm down on my luck
And it's something I gotta have, blue faces
I hit the bank today and tell 'em
Color me bad, blue faces
Gettin' new money, and it's breaking me down

My home girl got a credit card scam
She got a scholarship to college but she don't give a damn
And to wish she got a black women wishin'
She saying this on the phone with the noodles in the pan
I know you woman I console you woman
You feel like the universe owe you woman
Oh the anticipation, hoping you could make it women
Don't prosper chasing education
But your talented, and can't handle it
And your homegirls can't be your manager
Three sixty five times four plus more
Can't get it right tell me do you got the stamina
But ain't no money like fast money
Even today I'm considered a crash dummy
A rapper chasing stardom how can I fast forward
My accolades better than all them
But while I'm so sad, walking around with them, blue faces
They say I'm down on my luck and it's something I gotta have, blue faces
I hit the bank today and tell 'em
Color me bad, blue faces
Gettin' new money, and it's breaking me down to the top

I love God, I love speed
I love drank, I love me
I love oceans in the deep
I love women I love me
I love God
But I'm scared of godspeed sometimes

Wrote this song looking at a broke home maybe
You know the poverty stricken little broke born baby
Somebody said Kendrick american this sure is crazy
And I said why, then he looked me in the eye
And said homie you're messed up, you're praying for good luck
You're wishing for miracles, living through ish you're crying hysterical
Settle for everything, complain about everything
Say your soul cracked, my world amphetamine
Your projects ain't it, I live in a hut
Your living to keep warm, I'm living to pay rent
I paved my way through, praying to Allah
You played your way through, dinner with wifi
Bull ish yourself your talking to strangers
Same thing go for the ones you came with
We all came on a boat looking for hope
And all you can say is that your looking for dope
These days ain't no compromise
Your paint ain't my sampton time
A brand new excuse ain't nothin' to me
See I made my moves with shackled feet

Cape Town, uh
Corn row Kenny arm wanted with the mixed dashboard triple digits
Wanted with the mixed dashboard triple digits
Corn row Kenny
So many plagues on me I finesse
Hollow same views with some sex
I lost a lot of love for missionary
This the first time I react
Me and top is like a Kobe and ville
A father figure play with him you get killed
Play with me and he will kill you himself
TDE the mafia of the west
Move in silence yeah we juckin' like that
Act of violence yeah we jigga like that
Did a lot of dumb things in my past
Love will give me hope and I don't relapse
Dave just bought a new 9/11
Almost thought I’d seen another plane crash
Q just bought a brand new McLaren
Rock-a-lack about to buy the projects
Moosa got his son dripping in gold
Me? I'm about to let my hair down on hoes
Ali 'bout to let his hair down on hoes
Top billing that’s a million a show
Might blow the whole Remy on Soul
Might tell Obama be more like Punch
Sounwave got a Grammy this year
Mack wop, bet he do what he want

Level two, level two
No I’m not done
You ain’t gotta tell me that I’m the one
I could put a rapper on life support
Guarantee something that none of you want
Then hold me down and they yell something like
Rent is like twenty five hundred a month
What if I empty my bank out and stunt?
You ain’t gotta tell me that I’m the one
You ain’t got
Tell me that
That, I am the One
You ain’t got, you ain’t got
You ain’t got
You ain’t got tell me that
Yes, I’m the one

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