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Forbidden Woods
Kenta Nagata Hajime Wakai Toru Minegishi Koji Kondo Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Horacio Real

Wind Waker had such sinister dungeon themes! Love it.

Jake Roku

Earth Temple intensifies


This was a pretty creepy dungeon, not gonna lie. It was just...quiet and weird

Unhappy Man with a Happy Mask

This and the Earth Temple are the best dungeons in WW

Zend Zend

Welcome back to the Kokiri Forest...


TIP FOR YOU to get the Boomerang early You can take one of the sticks with you to the door, stand far from away form it, aim carefully and throw it at the eyes. It works

Smoldering Cosmos

Wish I had known this 18 years ago.

Jaylyn Garrett

Had no idea that worked lol thanks

Tinky Toon Link

@DakariKingMykan understandable!


@Tinky Toon Link Yes... throw the stick directly at the eye... it'll destroy it and unblock the door. Early boomerang, and less dungeon, and the best part is, you can take the stick with you in the launch buds, and the stick doesn't break like the wooden ball.

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