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Forest Haven
Kenta Nagata Hajime Wakai Toru Minegishi Koji Kondo Lyrics

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Daniel Williams

I really love how this song uses sitar and an Indian scale mixed with wood winds to give a distinct cultural feel to the place. Dragon Roost uses lots of Spanish instruments like acoustic guitar and castanets to give that area a completely different cultural feel too. It really makes you feel like you're traveling the world and exploring new cultures and lands just through music. Frickin genius!

Pranav Padture

I am pretty sure this song is based on Irish music. However, they did put in a sitar for some reason. But as an Indian I can say that there is no bending of notes in Indian music, so they just added it for an otherwordly effect.


cultural? way to fetishize people bro


Matt Etter see but it’s super cool that it’s the same bc it’s like that’s where you first meet the deku tree and it’s like a reference without being super obvious


Don't forget the bagpipes

Stradz EDM

I am going to completely ignore the musical facts and just follow my ear. I did get some Tropical Vibes, also some Egyptian and Irish Vibes.

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this song is SO UNDERAPPRECIATED. <3 it's so wild and free and spirited-sounding, just like the koroks and all of Forest Haven!


@King of Mario Kart 64 Bro stop…


If only it weren't slightly muted.

Trey Owen

Just like the Kokiri Forest theme. 😊❤

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