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The Great Sea is Cursed
Kenta Nagata Hajime Wakai Toru Minegishi Koji Kondo Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Firefly 593

“Yes, it seems Ganon has returned. No one would dare blast his theme music across the entire gosh dang ocean.”


I remember this one fondly even if it plays only one section I believe it perfectly captures that "Race against Time" or "Great Sea at Night isn't for the Faint of Heart" feel just that desperation!


Tetra: we won’t attack your home island until morning
Link: ok fine with me

Brody Reyno

I always used to plot and chart the entire sea during this segment. I loved the feel of this segment.

Ashy Boi Plays

This part of the game is awesome!


Imagine being near 1 of the great lakes or even the ocean & listening to this on a dark & stormy night.


When I head back to Windfall Island, I would just stop by Tingle Island and fight the Big Octo and have some fun!

Moonlight Soyuz

I just ran into that guy on my new playthrough (right before this part). I had a momentary "What the fuck do I do?!" reaction which is pretty nice to have as an adult revisiting a game from your childhood you still remember mostly how to play.

Magician's Valkyria

Pop Quiz: What’s the max number of hearts can you have by the time you reach Jabun and end this curse?

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