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A Calf Born In Winter
Khruangbin Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Khruangbin:

EVAN FINDS THE THIRD ROOM Yes, yes, yes, yes Yes, this is the third room Yes, this…
Friday Morning You are pretty colors Find you in the morning You get lonel…
LADY AND MAN Momma ain't cheap but I could've been had I went to…
Maria También Maria, Maria Maria, Maria Maria, Maria…
Pelota Soy una pelota Una pelota de hollín Yo estaba perdida En una…
So We Won't Forget Ooh, one to remember Writing it down now So we won't forget …
Texas Sun You say you like the wind blowing through your hair Come…
Time That's life If we had more time We could live forever Just y…
WHITE GLOVES She was a queen. She had a house. She was a fighter. She…

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Comments from YouTube:


Still trying to find a Khruangbin song I dislike. It's the hardest task I've ever had in my short 25 years on earth.

Elizabeth von Hillmann

I think you’d be hard pressed to do so.

scott kennedy

This guitarist is the next great one. Anyone to attempt to meld traditional Thai music with anything is very talented. As soon as i heard this song I recognized the Thai incorporated into it having lived in Thailand for a few years. A calf born in the winter must be strong and i assume that is the message here. Have not heard a guitarist like this since Joe Satriani. Thank you to all in this band for making something fresh and new. Please everyone, pay attention and recognize something special here.

Elizabeth von Hillmann

They hit a home run with this one.

Margo B

ryan phelan Thanks for the Isaiah Sharkey recommendation! I’m definitely diggin’ him. 😎

Craig Stroud

I’m so glad someone else hears it! I, too, live in Thailand... and this style of guitar and the melodies are so endemic here, but this guy has made it his own personal jam.

ryan phelan

You must love Dave Brubeck, jazz pianist, he traveled world looking for native time signatures and take five is in 5/4 hence name I believe but on same album after watching snake charmers and various music he wrote in 9 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 that was 1959. All the smart ones like khruangbin, got to see them open for Leon : ) probably won't happen again, realize it's an endless learning curve. It's beautiful huge fan. If you like him and you have time check out Isiah Sharkey: ) it's jazz with gospel and groove but prodigious talent, drummer Chris Dave is with Elvin jones and buddy rich my favorites and Cory Henry has no contemporary although lots ofonk, Glen Gould, chick Correa in him.✌️🌞


as a guitarrist and violinist i agree. The band have some magic influences; especially the guitar and the synergy is perfect with bass and drums. And the dymanics are REAL

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Aisha Sabila

I have never heard a song that sounds just like morning dew. Reminds you of the air that you breathe at dawn.

3oss Omok

@88 88 hahaha we're all euphoric here because of the song 😁

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