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Kid Loco Lyrics

38 fucking years old

It's not about getting drunk, only
it's the only move with a very
keen sense of how very very short life is

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If you have a new girlfriend, play this song. If she doesn't like it or simply ignore it, she's the wrong for you.

Benjamin Tóth

hope she doesnt read the comments tho

rey txatan

so true bro!!!!

Bastian Gahler

I once dated a beautiful blonde. We switched topics and i asked her"what kind of music do you like" and she answered "Well i like to listen to the radio" -INSTANT BONER TURNOFF


Yeah, that's true :-)

Julia Wallace

Today is my last day as 38. 🌬🍃🌺✊🏾🔥 Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be when I heard this as a teenager.


I haven't heard such a beautiful tune for a very very long time. Long live downtempo!

Gregg Wallace

Raiju not since 1969 and three dog night’s “easy to be hard” which is the source sample


Isn't on another version a different voice says, "49 frogging years old?"

David Dardar

Yes and I don’t like it as much compared to this one. Apple messed up my library as this 1997 version is the one I fell for and played to death back in the day. Love the 3DN sample, Easy To Be Hard, another long time favorite.

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