Tai Chi
Killah Priest Lyrics

The suns of man-sion, has been opened up
The door is open, yeah, yeah

It's like, beware of bio chips, I share hits
Harder than slave whips like I waited to get tips
From Egypts to sea ships, to bein' chased by new york
Cops out the precincts, and words was bricks
We buildin' projects to pyramids, evil kid
I destroy your ass like London bridge, smoke trees of weed
Take off the leaves out the twigs, pure truth is what I got to give
A lot to live for, you ain't rich before poor
It ain't peace without poor, how would stand without a floor
Under, over, toxicated, sober
Younger, older you're elevated, higher than a empire state
Elevators I roll with creators and creamators
Stalkin' through this nature, the heaven raise ya
Capacity in your brains beyond the clouds of rain
Seven and a half are contained
Space was my birthplace, meditate in cocoons
Now see snakes in human costumes

Expand your mind
Expand your mind
Expand your mind
Expand your mind
In time, in time

Call this, the blind man talk, cripple man walk
See nor hear not summon as lord
Divident per segment def unseen beings
Speak no evil to all I see, tappin into the
Worlds vision with the proper rhythmic meditation
Situation on lives from state to state
Rent to pay, state debate, contract dates
Cheddar in error, slave mental death to the treasure
Washing my robe in the blood of the lamb, constant plan
Never strayin' new york cause I rock supreme forever for I can never
? blackring on the ? axe spring the ghetto compact
Put em on tracks, and let's see how they act as the aftermath
Increase accelerate the sun behind you radiate, to burn to ashes
Ain't one of the parties you been crashing
Bring the beat and I'm a slash it
My niggas make sure the doors have been barricaded
It's about to sign off, some shit you can read in ? block spin?
But make no mistake, devil players, penetrate with your smarts
Redrum mania reincarnate to another shape
Bomb flashes, what can happen, new jack-in
Your rappin' ain't the magnum so when he cought up to half these
Niggaz even stole the soul of the streets in motion

Expand your mind
Seek and you shall find

Walkin through the penile glands, like it was a unfathered man
Knowledge is the key to the mind which is a mysterious doorway
Through a long dark hallway
Use your conscious as a compass to avoid bein' conquered
By nonsense, use your subconscious as a map
Once it's time to head back use your food for thought
And leave bread tracks
Now we can see the third eye, swift as you burn fly
You need common sense as a detour
Up ahead there lies three doors for you to see more
You might have to meditate to the soft melodies from a keyboard
Understandin' is your flashlight
It reflects the windows to your past life
No psychiatric's could raid you from off the mattress
As you fall deeper, and it's hypnotized you better read my lips
Cause that's the guide, out the hallways of negative
Which is always competitive, therefore
You must never let it live

Seek and you shall find
Expand the mind, seek and you shall find
Expand your mind, seek and you shall find
Expand the mind
Seek and you shall find
Expand the mind
Seek and you shall find
Expand the mind
Seek and you shall find
Expand the mind

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Miguel Anjos

lyrics ahead of their times, especially priest's one on this is goes deep!
you have to replay it a couple of times and its still hard to grasp.
Hell Razah steppin up to plate and 60 sec's preach style delivery is hilariously dope..
Especially those high note ad-libs he drops hahah killing me!
Most definitely my favorite track of the Heavy Mental saga..ever since it dropped.

This song paints a picture of them walking through the snowy Tibetan mountains in search of a sacred ancient monastery; on a quest to deliver enlightened raps that lift demonic spells cast upon humankind.

Food for the Mind, Guiding the Blind, Seek and in Time you shall Find

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Ian Mercer

Beat is straight outta the 5th dimension


@Gunnar Stahl 😀👍

Gunnar Stahl

One of the best hiphop beat ever produced to me. Gives me chill each times. I was 14 when that album dropped. I'm 36 and still experiencing the same chills when listening to this.



wh0 man


Ten80pee123 Entertainment

Check me out bro I got heat

Ten80pee123 Entertainment


Mike 0891

99.9% of people won't understand the message in this song

Tha Imperial

There's at least 5% who get it



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