Skinny Buddah
Kim Mitchell Lyrics

I'm a loner
A leaking alkaline
Licked my owner
Loved her but she wasn't mine
Saved the world but you wont go far cause you got no shoes or gasoline in your car
Do I want it I said it's not mine
Like livin in China town
I'm walking but falling down
Obsessed and way to needy
Do you feel like a skinny Buddha
Big man with big dog frown
Way up but he can't come down
Feel square in a world that's round
I feel like a skinny Buddha
There's my gravy
There's my gravy train gone
Slicked back comber
Jet black comb
I dropped it in her blouse
All alone in a crowded room but there's always someone looking at your basketballs
Do I want it I said it's not mine
I'm a commissar
Got on my horse
Gonna ride a bus
Gonna bust your chops if you look at me on more time
Do I want it
I said it's not mine
Vagabonds and bubblegum powder

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Comments from YouTube:


great tune by Kimbo of Canada's finest rockers

Jim Wynne

Thanks for sharing this! This makes me think about my friends Steve and Dennis! May they both rest peacefully! I miss you guys!


what’s this? wow

Trev Dodd

Awesome about that :)

David Wicks

Way better than he gives himself credit for

wade jones

Kim is so gifted . killer Lp

Frank Curran

Come on, no comments on a Canadian icon, get yer shit together...WTF!

Kelly Mark

+Frank Curran I totally agree you have to love Kim Mitchell :)

Frank Curran

+Frank Curran yeah, you're right Dude, what was I thinking........duh!!

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