Stickin' my heart
Kim Mitchell Lyrics

Found a paper inside my pocket
Seven numbers that had no name
You were my favorite color
Guess I was just a difficult stain
And if, if I could remember
I might not ever forget
I found that cigarette lighter
Doesn't work cause I got it all wet
I don't believe in bingo or monsters
I caught my jeans in a bicycle chain
It's hard to believe in anything anymore
I keep stickin my heart where it doesn't belong
I keep stickin my heart where it don't belong
If I swallow your pill will it make me strong
Cause I keep stickin my heart where it don't belong
And now my pockets are empty
Havin trouble rememberin my name
I close my eyes and vibrate
I opened my mouth in the rain
Life's funny but I'm not laughing
Did you forget my name
I remember that cigarette lighter
I remember that bicycle chain
I had a dream that you were flying
I took a ride with the licorice man
It's hard to believe in anything anymore
Been such a long time, nice to leave you
Come on and shine my shoes shine boy

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Comments from YouTube:

Jr. Samples BR549

When it's hard to believe in anything you believe even more, Thank you Kim

one marathon

thanks for posting this album.... i know and own all Mitchell music up to this one, and i seriously need to catch up. at least there are only two studio albums to check out. if i like 'em, i WILL buy them to support one of my favourite musicians of all time. i just lost track of Kim after his Itch album.

Kelly Mark

You are most welcome!! Yes i have seen him a lot as well :) Got to love Kim! I will have to to try and catch that show as well :)

one marathon

yes, i just noticed that he'll be here in Ottawa in November. must try to round up some friends to go see him. been a long time... though i have seen Kim with Max Webster a few times (once in the 70's) and nearly ten times with the KMB. thanks again.

Kelly Mark

You are most welcome!! I just wish he would release a new on as it has be so many years! I am so glad he is touring a bit! He is one of my all time favorite artist as well :)


This is probably the best song on the album. Well, Kimosabe is not Kim's strongest work ; the man was at his peak during the 80ies.

wade jones

Killer lp

Jay LaFrance

Disappointing it’s not on iTunes