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by King Raam

Billy said he's got it figured out again
Billy said he found a way out of the mess
Bill said the system was corrupt
Bill said the system was corrupt

Billy came from somewhere, Louisiana
Went around the world to mend a broken heart
Billy was living for the road…
Billy was living for the road…

Billy made love to a girl in Iowa
Met her in a bar in Des Moines
She was wearing a helmet signed by Elvis
That her mama got before the war
For her papa who never came home
So they sent a flag to her door
That she wears like a super hero
As she speeds up through the empty streets
That her daddy fought to keep so clean
From the monsters hiding over seas
From the monsters screaming on TV

Billy had a dream of flying aeroplanes
Cruising through the clouds above the rain
Billy didn't want to drop no atom bomb
Billy just wanted to write a song
For a girl he met in Iowa
Billy never saw her face again
Billy never was the same again
And every time he sees another flag
Just remembers the story of her dad
And the helmet that he never had

Billy why you hiding behind the glass?
Billy why you running from the past?

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