Kirk Knight, Scorpio: We need your help!

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by Kirk Knight

Fell in love with a Scorpio
That was your first estate, November 8
From intense moments to intense times
I'm going this place, I know you feel me girl
Work 25/8 that's an understate
But I'm against the law
And you are too
So when I bend her, I see the future
Like it was a oracle
Stressful life will make the article
Heat off the moment
I need a edge off
You know missed calls
Management saying be up early on a late night (?)
Bad to the bone, thinking raw doggy
Aggressive type
Posing threats, mami and hey
Let me invite you to this after party
We on the (?) with it
Indicate the lust, have a private set
She want a penthouse with it
Curious to the first degree
How a nigga kept his distance
(?) our best kept secret
Me, a young nigga want to back out with it

Scream my name in vein
And put your guard down
And tell em that you love the scorpio

Fell in love with a Scorpio, and you know it
Enlightened, man
That's so in touch with those thunder thighs she showin'
Intensity just keep growing
She don't pop the pill, that's too much emotion
Just smoke and sip and get open
All eyes on you and you focused
Giving the head, I wonder where her mind at
Down to be up to something, call back
And when her back against the wall
I don't hold that
I live for the thrill, baby
Couldn't one-nightstand this, I'm not trying to be apologetic
Call the medic, when I go shut you out
Love is raw, but I don't want to fight
If you're tight
Cut you loose, nothing to lose
All the game, I'm feeling in the brain
I done swear to God, laid
I haven't been playing by the books lane
From what's your name
To I remember vaguely
I pardon this shit
Well, that's kinda shaky
Respect for you, but (?)
I see you naked (?) , god damn

Scream my name in vein
And put your guard down
And tell em that you love the scorpio


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