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Knight & Doble
Knight & Doble Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Knight:

Away From Your Love Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby You don't have to…
Dancing In Paradise Callin' out around the world Are you ready for a brand…
Intro Yo what's up? You've reached MH Leave a message at the tone …
Ring My Bell I'm glad you're home Now did you really miss me? I guess…
Still on my mind Georgia, Georgia The whole day through Just an old sweet s…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Doble:

Amor Sin Fin Tu eres para mí ya lo decidí Nadie se compara ti Nuestro…

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Marc Sebastian Acusar

@Nicholas Gadson
1.) I HATED Patrick's attitude towards SpongeBob in this Episode. He was basically a Jerk to him. Also, he didn't even BOTHER helping him out, also, Patrick was just Too Stupid.
- He got SpongeBob even MORE stuck
- He got him injured because he basically just wanted to "have fun" at the funfair despite SpongeBob's inability to move
- Also, Crying wont help, since, Forever Glue basically gets him stuck, and practically, idk, 100% of SpongeBob's hometown is submerged in water. And tears is ofc, water.

2.) The town Basically Bullies him... Doesn't really happen until the Hug festival scene, but basically they called him out because he was angry at Patrick. Even though he had quite a reason to get mad at him.

3.) The town doesn't even NOTICE the wringer on SpongeBob's body. How can they be THAT stupid?

4.) The ending was no better as both Patrick and SpongeBob got stuck in the wringer.

You see WHY I don't like the Episode? I totally respect it if you liked it but I personally think this is a SpongeBob Low-brow.

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this scene is flawless. the way spongebob sings "in the world" and squidward's humbled look is all ruined when the scratchy sound comes in

Tom Fitzpatrick

Whenever I watch this scene nowadays I just laugh uncontrollably and when I think about it I still laugh

Charles Valle

Spongebob was never learned
to play Musical Instrument before
until Band Geeks.


Tom Kenny hitting that vibrato


Brent McDonald Iron shadow dragon roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Brent McDonald

Also don't forget how Squidward gives him a B flat instead

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The Ugly Barnacle

15+ years later and I still nearly kill myself laughing when Spongebob tries to play the bassinet as if it was a guitar.

DonutFriends Forever121


Jennifer Gonzalez




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