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Dead Eagles
Kontravoid Lyrics

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Cut to Cleanse Cut, cleanse. To cut to cleanse me So make signs for…
Native State All I can see. .no matter how"d you never go And this…

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Aethyr Aesthetics


Cold outside on the plains, still waiting for the eagles to rise

And assault outside your gates, still hoping that we’ve won inside.

No escape for all things living, it’s how we’ve always wanted to die

But in change for all things given, I hope we’ve got his gun inside.

By the calling, still wait I’ll wait for it all.

Abandoned what we’ve gained, no matter who’s been caught in the line

We fall back from where we came, surrender to committing the crime

No exchange for what’s been risen, or sympathies for wanting to fight.

But in change the cost of living, exceeds the means of wanting do die.

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Liquid Freeways

This is one of the best song I've ever heard.


This is fantastic! Great atmosphere too.


Please, can I know the name of synthetizer what plays choir? I love this sound in this beautiful song, and in other songs from OMD and Kraftwerk. Thanks, John


Best artist to come from my home town

Chris H

and where are u living? greetings from black forest!


OMG, lovely

Pete daman


Zaccha R

i'm so happy my friend turned me on to this band!!!


Thanks for answer. :) Good luck in your music!


I was wondering this too. Thank you! Wonderful music.

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