Ololufe Mi
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Fela Kuti Ololufemi, ti e ni mo fe Alayanfemi, ti e ni mo…

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Highlife Time Everybody knows how much he meant to you, baby But you…

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This should have a billion views.


Music is the weapon!! 🙌 Fela!!


Man, I have listened to Fela for about 8 or 9 years now and I have known a bunch of his music, but only recently discovered this album! Fela has been one of my top 5 favorite musicians for years now and had no idea about this style! I have been digging into other High Life bands and it's great. All of it is far better than the shit being put out today in the States. Not that I listen to any of that garbage anyways, I am, into American music from about the 40's - the 90's but after the 70's there is not nearly as much that I enjoy, but there is some. The 80's sucked except for funk and early hip hop and the 90's had Tupac and alternative music. The 90's were the last gasp of air for creative music in the States. After 96 and especially after 2000 I have no use for any music that came out after that.


I'm with you on music after the 70s! This is coming from an 18 year old



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