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All my friends drive a lowrider
And the lowrider is a little lower
Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip, you and me

Aw, yeah
Aw shit, aw shit

Uh, yup

Overall Meaning

The song Lowrider by Korn is a tribute to the Chicano culture and their love for lowriding cars. The lyrics symbolize the affinity of the artist and his friends for lowriders and how they appreciate the art of customizing cars. The phrase "All my friends drive a lowrider" highlights the community aspect of the culture, which brings people together who share the same interest. The phrase "And the lowrider is a little lower" emphasizes the modification made to a car, where the suspension is lowered, making it closer to the ground.

The repetitive phrase "Take a little trip, take a little trip, you and me" signifies how a person can relax and take a break from their daily routine by taking a drive in a lowrider. The song celebrates the beauty of customizing cars as an art form, and the pride the Chicano community takes in this art. Korn adds the phrases "Aw shit, aw shit, Uh, yup" to emphasize the coolness and excitement of being in a lowrider and cruising with friends.

Line by Line Meaning

All my friends drive a lowrider
I have a group of friends who prefer to drive lowrider vehicles.

And the lowrider is a little lower
These lowriders are designed to be lowered to give off a certain look.

Take a little trip, take a little trip
Let's go on a ride together.

Take a little trip, you and me
The journey will involve just you and me.

Aw, yeah
This is going to be great!

Aw shit, aw shit
Something bad or unexpected just happened.

Uh, yup
I agree with what you're saying.

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Written by: Gerald Goldstein, Howard Scott, Lee Levitin, Charles Miller, Lonnie Jordan, Morris Dickerson, Harold Brown, Thomas Allen

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Probably the most relaxed a Korn song will get


Nah. Porno Creep is.

NoOne Cares

@Ellie Nah man, the drums are going way too crazy on that song to be as relaxed as this one.

Rawk Guy

Alone I Break, Tearjerker, Kiss

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Kimmo Laine

One of those rare songs that does not need more cowbell.

wicked goodwitch

Kimmo Laine definitely not !


Dhey αre noш going into æ Multikultišajse mode, ænd Hazers шill бe resented бecauZe of our leading role∴


im late to the party here but you're right it needs more bagpipe

Tom Tony

Ugh, I wish this cover was longer. So nice n' funky!

Nikko Valle


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