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Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM
Kousuke Yamashita Lyrics

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KevSB07 I do hate the nature sounds/random few piano notes, but in addition to that....

Sidon’s theme was decent, can’t even remember Mipha’s, it left no impact on me. Neither did the Elephant beast’s music. Haven’t met any of the other champions or beasts yet.

The main theme is which one? The one from the first E3 trailer? I’ve never liked that one.

What are the terminal puzzles? I might not be up to that yet.

The only themes I’ve genuinely enjoyed are Korok Forest & Labyrinth/Lost Woods. I took a venture into Hyrule Castle for a bit & that was also decent. Everything else has been entirely forgettable or just bad, or both.

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Nintendo in 2017: Wanna see me make the best trailer ever?
Nintendo in 2023: Wanna see me do it again?


totk final trailer was good but this song is on a whole nother level

ஜெங் மிங்யாவ்

Totk trailer does it for me. The mix of sax and erhu in the high and low motif of Totk trailer is simple god-tierd


@ஜெங் மிங்யாவ் the sax part was pretty good but the music blue balls pretty damn hard at the end, was expecting a big drop. Plus the slow parts of the song were less catchy and dragged out much longer


totk trailer was rlly good imo, but i just prefer the botw trailer, this music and the cutscenes hit diff for me

Emma Miller


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I don’t think anything will ever come close to the amount of sheer hype that went down in early 2017

Alex FrickR

Exactly. Whenever I hear this, I think of the night in which it was January 2017, and I was sitting on my friend's couch, ear buds in, and me watching the trailer for the first time. I was so dang excited!

Alex FrickR

I know, every time I play BotW, I think back to simpler times.


The Sequel might top it, though.

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