Fallen Angel
Kris Kristofferson Lyrics

It's sad to see we may never be the way we were before
We don't believe in the magic of the music anymore
And everything's older now and colder and grey
Oh, darlin' I believe there's got to be a better way.

It seems to me we've forgotten how to let our feelings show
We seem to be so much farther from the dreams we used to know
And too many more, my friend, are dying today
Oh darlin' I believe there's got to be a better way.
Listen to the fallen angels learning how to spread their wings.
How will they make it all alone?
Look into the children's laughter
Tell me what tomorrow brings for those so far away from home.

And I can say I'm not sorry for the things we tried to be
But I'm afraid what we're heading toward is up, to you and me
'Cause we got a choice, the future is ours you see
We got a chance to change today

Oh, darlin' don't you believe there's got to be a better way
'Cause we got a choice, the furture is ours you see
We got a chance to change it today.
Oh I believe together there can be a better way
Oh if we believe together we can build a better way.

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Comments from YouTube:

Johann Ennemoser

This music touches the soul deeply!

Georgie Porgiex

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest duets ever sung in pop music history. Sadly, Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge separated after the release of this pop hit.


What!!! No autotune, real voices??

But what do the young know nowadays?

This is beautiful...


Young can be smart too👌😇😇😇🙏🙏💥

Sangi Tlau

The first time i heard and sang this song was in 1989,, i search it for a long long time but can‘t find it,, and finally today i found and listen the whole day..


It was the International Year of The Child and this song was a big hit in Jamaica

George Mutonga

1979, Unicef concert for the International Year of Child....When the world really cared.

Lily BaekJisub

so good to find this song again

Danielle Bethune

Thank you so much! When I was a kid I got into collecting vinyl, and I had this on an album "concert for unicef" and I have never been able to find this song since!

Leif Bagge

You're very welcome :) I´ve noticed that some songs might be in YT but after a while they're gone so nowadays I always download a video the minute I see it :)

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