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Seito lived in the canyon of the dragons Sashiko lived in the valley of the moon
They met along the highway to Aomeri where danger in the forest loomed
Shashiko dressed in silks and dreamed of heroes
She was carried in a hammock draped and veiled
Her father was a cruel and brutal warlord who fearful kept her in a shell
Seito he was but a lowly servant but his master knew him to be true and brave
When he happened on the scene of her education he sent her captors to their graves
Seito guarded Sashiko to her palace he had no thought of ransom to conceal
She took him in and washed his cuts and bruises and laid him softly down to sleep
When morning came she rose to tell her father
Of the stranger who had ruined the kidnap plot
But jealous and enraged her father seized him and chained him in the dungeon dark
Sashiko's tears flowed like the river Edo as she pleaded Seito's freedom face to floor
But the warlord turned his back and would not hear her
His mercy withered years before
When night fell she crept down into the dungeon
Two daggers hidden underneath her coat
And there they slept in death by harakiri her father's chains around them both


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Jerry Brown

I took myself down to the Tally-Ho Tavern to buy me a bottle of beer
I sat me down by a tender young maiden whose eyes were as dark as her hair
And as I was searchin' from bottle to bottle for somethin' unfoolish to say
That silver tongued devil just slipped from the shadows and smilingly stole her away
I said hey little girl don't you know he's the devil he's everything that I ain't
Hidin' intentions of evil under the smile of a saint
All he's good for is gettin' in trouble and shifting his share of the blame
And some people swear he's my double and some even say we're the same
But the silver tongued devil's got nothing to lose I'll only live till I die
We take our own chances and pay our own dues the silver tongued devil and I
Like all the fair maidens who've laid down beside him
She knew in her heart that he'd lied
But nothing that I could have said could've saved her
No matter how hard that she tried
Cause she'll offer her charms to the darkness and danger
Of something that she's never known
And open her arms at the smile of a stranger who'll love her and leave her alone
And you know he's the devil...

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Carl in Boston

One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists.

Nedenia Holm

FYI Kristofferson was a Rhodes scholar. AND he was CUTE Too! Works for me lol

Nedenia Holm

My father liked this song! lol. Men ;)

Charles Putnam

I played this song for years at campfires . Pretty much sums up my twenties. I had an old song book from the seventies haven't seen it years. Love him cause he sings in middle C which pretty much sums up my range. Lot of old memories

Paul Bedard

Great Music Mr. Kristofferson. God Bless Always. As soon as I shave, I’m going to listen to you and Gordon Lightfoot for the rest of the day. Paul Bedard.

Tom Dandy Music

I think this is his best version of the song..... 👍

Ray Lomas


Grants Cellar

"This Album is great. Heard some songs on "Cisco Pike" film years ago. Found the LP. Been a fan since.

Grants Cellar

@Proud Straight White Christian Conservative I like that. My family had great taste. Simon and garfuncle. Great thinking music. Id say Don Williams Images" album LP of my dads And mum was a green cassette , a mixed Queen Album. Id play both and draw trucks.haha mid 80s.

Grants Cellar

@Proud Straight White Christian Conservative it was about 1998 when i saw Cisko pike on the tele. Then found LP in a second hand record shop in Leeds" England" and was so chuffed id found it! "Simple thing" haha.

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