Krokus Lyrics

Aaw... gonna take it to the limit... yeah!
Come on...

I've been pushin' my load uphill
An' my back is bent
Now I'm lookin' for a thrill
'Cos the jiuce ain't spent
Slippin' in for satisfaction
Gimme a piece of your sweet love action
'Fore the night is thru'...
Gonna rescue you

'Cos I'm a hellraiser

You sink me into oblivion
When you let me in
You make me feel a'lik'a one in a million
When you moan'n'grin... aw!
Froget about the neighbours
Lettin' it all hang out
We're rockin' this joint
I love to hear you scream and shout...

I'm a hellraiser
No one's beggin' for mercy... slippin'an'slidin' it in

Aww alright!

[Chorus 3x]

Come again... baby
Mmmmmm gonna slide it right in... aww!

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Comments from YouTube:

Stéphane Bjørn

For those who don't know: the singer is Marc Storace and has been asked to substitute Bon Scott in AC/DC after his death. He declined to stay with Krokus!

The band itself was founded in 1975 so that explains also the very similar sounding style of hard rock :)

Chance Watkins

Did Bon Scott come back to life.????

Rocky H

@Marc Lévesque his Spirit lives on listen to the song

Marc Lévesque

Bon Scott is gone.. turn the page idiot

69 Kevrolet Fastback

Certified 100% ass kicking rock and roll!

Manos Zois

Excellent band.Saw them live in a small club in Athens before some years and they rocked the house down.Cheers Krokus....I salute you.



Pedro Aguilar

the spirit of bon scott, also lives in krokus

Ioannis Dospatis

δώσε, Αστραπογιαννε!!!Marc,Storage!bonscot!

julia maffeis

FANTASTICI.... mi ricordano i KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mi ricordano   gli anni settanta...
bravissimi, stesso ROCK ESPLOSIVO!!! come il ROCK degli anni  70..

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