Love Bites
Kung Fu Vampire Lyrics

You don't love me (Love bites)
Love me
You don't love me
That love you sell, it don't come cheap

I lit that fire between ya legs
It's hired by me Instead
Inspired by being dead
The vampire
Wired to worry you're a satire in bed working that iron and lead
And never stood a day on those legs
With a bunch of dread in your dripping out of ya pours
And so scorn to ignore
Thesaurus of war but calling other women whores of course
Where's the source of ya insolence that those spores have endorsed
And run whole scam to keep all of the hate on course
Trying to duck between the legs of a goose that we all plucked
Captain saving a private Ryan that's been hit by a Mac truck
Buying beauticians, get so high and you'll listen
A sigh of deficiency
A cry of conditions asleep in the sea with the fishes
My intuition calendar of aliens
A crying suspicion
But you dismissing
Cuz your secret is in the eyes of your mission
It's Impossible to ovulate
Taken too many anti depressants
And you can't even concentrate
Water gate with that gap
Marvelous, starving the abyss
You better find another to enlist
I ain't in the Air Force, Army, Marines or the Navy bitch
I made a switch from you scandalous hoes a long time ago
You better be the bitch that could curl my toes
When I'm knee deep with a hot dog in your throat
See me getting head at the comedy show
Or on stage with that ominous flow
Then I'm high fiving my bros
I'm giving the O face to the ladies looking at me in the front row
And the whole place can see me
When in Rome then I'm right at the door
You may be the one cracking jokes with ya funny style
I'm getting dome with your girl in a parking lot pal
And I want be the one to let you off easy now
Take the sleazy route
Poured it out and came
Exploited your name
You're pleasing the whole crowd
The crown of a royal gem
I'm more in love with my oil pen
Than the sound of a dying hen
Your crying seems to be a trend
Too desperate to amend
So you seek a new friend
And bend every body
That thinks you're a hottie but it never ends
Didn't wanna be the one to have to reveal
Your pathetic spiel
You could use an Altoid what's the deal
Is it halitosis or that shit you talkin' for real
Blood in your mouth swallow it don't spit it out
Cuz that poison that you spreading's making all of us ill

You don't love me (Love bites)
Love me
You don't love me
That love you sell, it don't come cheap

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Comments from YouTube:


It's funny how my father, Steven Richards, was best friends with Kung Fu back then, when he was on tour with him, and I met the kid starred in this. Gavin was my best friend, I taught him to shuffle like that! I'm sad I wasn't given credit though. But still, this is a golden memory to look back on. Love you Kung Fu!

Kung Fu Vampire

Lu awesome memory bro


swear to god one of the most underrated artists, and damm them girls is gorgeous :D


Watching this for the first time, I was like, "I just know that's gonna be his heart in a box on strings." lol. Love the video. You're awesome KFV!


such a big fan for so long now,I enjoy the darker style Sir, I think its awesome your fan interaction you are a very talented artist, a very original act, good day Sir

Edward jones Jones/fleming

+Kung Fu Vampire this is one of my fav songs by you, the lyrics are sick and the video very cool. I've been a fan of yours for a while now and i fully enjoy your talent, the music is addicting .

Kung Fu Vampire

Thanks man! Just being me and tapping the people who fee the same way about music and life as I do. It's a beautiful thing!

Mary M Rivera

Damn dude for real tho that's how it's been for so long... that's probably why I had chose to be a hermit for a while before cause no matter I couldn't relate to anyone the intellectual lever of activated DNA I have functioning does not allow me to have mondain convos... while at same time not at all seeing any above nor below me... I have AwhWays been able to communicate with all my (and there's many) galactic families not just here within the nulls and nodes but in between spaces and awh... but anywho stay blessed homie ✌


Congrats brotha!! best experience i've ever had being part of this historical video!! made Burgandys day for sure!! much love and Respect!! Fang,Fang!!


only in the similarity of theatrical presentation of music. Loved catching you on BPB , added to the whole experience.

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