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Kung Fu Vampire Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Kung Fu Vampire:

Dead Girls Don't Say No Tell me something I don't know beause you can't change…
Love Bites You don't love me (Love bites) Love me You don't love me Tha…

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Comments from YouTube:

Kung Fu Vampire

For all those that liked this video and showed me love. THANK YOU. This video was my first video EVER and I am not in love with it for many reasons. 1st off, I did my own facepaint, 2nd I had no expereince with video. 3rd, this is an old song but I actually produced the music myself as well as wrote and performed the lyrics. Please do NOT judge me on my very first video, although for a first video I would say it;s pretty good. SEARCH: Kung Fu Vampire "Nightmare Walkin" or my track with Hopsin called "Turnt Up"

Jesse Lee

+Kung Fu Vampire dude this is fucking dope my first song of yours was turnt up and ive been hooked ever since..keep on keeping on brotha and please tour kansas city soon!!!

Brandon Smith

this video rocks so does the song i met you in Columbus Ohio at a Twiztid show much vampire love

Edward jones Jones/fleming

+Kung Fu Vampire Nightmare walkin is another fav of mine, gets me amped when im working out and helps give me energy to start my day. I enjoy a lot of your music and hope you continue to keep doing better and better as days go on. over the years ive heard many talk down about the underground scene and the talented people who make up the scene, I have to say ive found more enjoyment from the underground and support the likes of you, twiztid, icp, blaze, ABK, etc... ive gotten to where mainstream music except for a couple of genres has become corrupt with bulshit about wanna be gangsters money drugs and hoes and its gotten disgusting. The underground scene is rather refreshing and also ties into what I have a passion for which is horror.

DoG MatiC

your awesome bro! keep it coming

seth williams

shiiit I had no idea this was your first video much fucking props. bangin ass song too makes me wanna mosh haha whoop whoop

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Tim g star

Now this is horror core kung fu vampire this guy is smashing it so creative and  technical lyrics so fresh and new taking it to a whole new level whoop fucking whoop

Lizard Punk

who knew predator could play the drums

Ana Jessie

This was my shit in 2009! I was bumpin it in the 614 much love

Skull Locks

So far my favorite Kung Fu Vampire song, just so sick and hardcore. Much love and respect, mate.

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