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Kuniyuki Takahashi Keiichi Okabe Lyrics

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Kaine: "Grandma could you come over"
Kaine's Grandmother: "Sorry I'm too old and there's too many enemies out there"
Kaine: "I'm hungry"
Kaine's Grandmother:


Ahah, and with her tiny frail body, is fucking SPRINTING like 2B. Just fully androided out, running unnaturally fast.


the song that plays when Kaine says she hasn't eaten yet today

PEEbs 〽

So this plays when Gramdma is angry?


automata ver. is epik gamer boss theme
replicant/gestalt ver. is feels trip boss theme
and they both kick ass



Clarence Rainsford

@Mr B *minor spoilers for replicant but to be fair this happens very early in the game

Both versions were boss themes, but the original one was a more somber emotional boss fight against the monster that killed her grandma and then is using the voice of her grandma to manipulate that character

Kurisu Sparda

@Mr B what? Og Grandma was also a boss battle theme.

Mr B

Lol no Its based on the soundtrack from NIER Gestalt called Grandma as it was connected to a character who had a loving grandma who raised her.
However the original song "Grandma" is a lot more soft and sad it's not a boss fight song unlike this one. So I'm guessing the added destruction to define it as a battle version of "Grandma"


This is what i hear when i enter my grandma's house hungry.

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