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One Fire
Kxng Crooked Lyrics

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Rome We won't reveal our ailments, and what haunts our sleep…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Kxng Crooked:

COB Season Yo, it′s COB Season again, you know what I mean?…
Holy Cloth When you considered that there are no substance is on…
okyoufeelindat Everybody talking ′bout opps, okay, my opps are the cops Oka…
Pistol Grip Family Business (So right, so right) Hey yo Des, I…
Wait a Minute This is part of what′s wrong with you You do too…
Welcome To Planet X I live in a world that's different than your world Your…

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Comments from YouTube:


Gotta support anything my man Crook destroying.

Johnny Mase


Nunez Steven

This is a BIG one right here! Johnny Mase taking over in 2020 ⛽⛽⛽🔥🔥🔥. And Crook is a 🐐

Johnny Mase

ayyy my dude!


2:52 that flow, crook make a couple more songs like this one with these type of beats

Johnny Mase

He snappped

Shadow Dragons

You both SNAPPED!!

Johnny Mase

Shadow Dragons swear crook spazzed on this one!

Tom cob

KXNG killed it like always 🔥

Johnny Mase

FACTS he did

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