So Hot
Ky-Mani Marley Lyrics

Hahaha you know what time it is girl
What they sayin? they ain't sayin nothing
Tell it to her straight

Girl girl you so hot, you so hot
Like burning you, like burnin you
Girl you so hot, you so hot
Like burnin you, like burning you
Girl I like your style and your attitude
Yore polite yet you're so rude
I want to get in your head
Right before I get in your head

I got some things I wann do to ya
And something that's new to ya
I know you got a wild side
And baby I got a wild side

So back it up and let me put it on you
Ma with these eyes baby
What you gon do
Girl don't fight the feeling
Come over reach for the ceiling
The only thing I want to do is love you
And I promise to put nothing above you
Girl I see you're the real thing
And I know I'm the real thing


Baby got a body like a fast car
She got me speeding like a nascar
She like it when I keep the wheels spinning
I'm getting real deep in the engine
She loves it hot, she loves it spicy
She love it when I'm running the girls nicely
Oh baby I'm a rider
And good god, gilr you on fire

Come and let me break you off
Break you off some of this ah ah
Girl just go ahead and take it off
So I can get to the na na
Oohh come and let me break you off
Break you off some of this ah ah
Girl go ahead and take it off
So I can get to the na na

Ohh wind with me grind with me
Oh girl don't fight it
Flow with me go with me
We're making love [x2]


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Comments from YouTube:

Salem Diamond

i love this song <3

Mario Amigo

Love You Marley :) Respect From Albania


bas vas volim.pozdrav iz hrvatske

ak doow

stop allowing anyone besides the protective heart to collaborate your inner respect for yourself! You helped me with that and I know I did too! Love you no matter the configurations.

Louisa Beckles

this is my summer song x



Mohaned Asaadi

2021 is so hot🔥🔥


lol when he comes in with that laugh lol its fresh ass hell though

Faton Hajdini

<3 Love

Marina Roninson

Ky-mani u so hot🔥🔥🔥

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