Valley Of Death
Ky-Mani Marley Lyrics

So yeah though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I′ll survive, I will survive yeah
They threw me in de lion's den an left me for dead
But I′m alive, yes I'm alive yeah

Suh tell em a Jah Jah send mi
Conquering lion is he who defends mi
Suh wah if dem come in their thousands and twenties
Fight for my soul, leave a stain on their memory yeah
Lion in de jungle dats royalty
So much has to come, get your royalty
Warriors of the Gideon
Mentally stimulated
Tell that I'm strong to
Free us from these oppressors
And the tactics that they use to oppress
So I address the rebellious
Getting ready for the rebellion
Tonight we fight an shall not be defeated
Tonight we fight for our rights
Tonight we fight for humanity
Tonight we fight for our lives

I′m having visions of ZIon
Of the conquering lion
So to righteousness we pledge allegiance
Pick a side because the fight is between good and evil
Lion in the jungle still royalty
Cyah trust mankind there′s no loyalty
Man a sell dem soul fe buy car an ring
Superficial gratification is all that brings
So even when mi bout fe tempted
Jah provide, keep my soul an plenty
Nah sell out to Babylon fe none a dem percentage
Nah tek nuh deal suh dem cyah get nuh leverage
Nah eat dem food
Nah drink dem beverage
Nah back dung
Moving fawud, am relentless
Nah guh give up
Wi dig deeper in de trenches
Cyah shake mi faith
Rastafari love is endless
Yuh see through all my trials and tribulations
One thing I know for sure
I'll survive
Rastafari guide an′ protect I
Yes I'll survive
Suh wi nuh fear nutt′n

Some big ganja spliff keep mi lifted
Babylon gi yuh dem system
To keep us afflicted
But through the powers of the most high Jah
Wi nuh come fe bow
Rasta come fe conquer
Behold the power of the trinity
Feel de hour of divinity
While in the presence of greatness
Don't you eva mistake it
We′re descendants of royalty
Suh mek sure yuh conduct yuhself oyally
Mek sure dat your actions are morally
An mek sure dat your words are of righteousness
Rastafari love save mi
Rastafari love elevate mi
Rastafari love motivate mi
Zion mi born if yuh don't see me lately

Writer(s): ky-mani marley

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