It's Time To Be Real
L.T.D. Lyrics

It’s time to be real
Why are so many people on ego trips?
Do you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout?
It’s so hard sometimes to relate
C’mon down to earth and let’s communicate
Cause now it's time to be real
Can’t you feel that now it’s time to be real?
There’s no reason why we can’t be real

It’s time to be real
It’s time to be real
It’s a shame and still it’s very true
There are some who think they're superior to you
If all men are created equally
Do away right now with ego and conceit
Now it’s time to be real
Can’t you feel that now it’s time to be real?
There’s no reason why we can’t be real

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Comments from YouTube:

Tyson Anderson

Togetherness Is MY Favorite Album From L.T.D.!!! Luv Mr. Jeffrey Osborne!!!

Stephanie parker

Yeah this is probably their BEST ALBUM overall!!!

charlton myers

love it more woow

Mix Master AL-B

Hands down one of my favorite L.T.D joints. J.O is one of best adlibers in music. The way he sings between the lines at the end is magical. Check him out at 2:41

Allen Tyson

I met Jeffrey Osborne on the inaugural Soul Train Cruise Feb. 2013. He is one helluva nice brother. This album is the soundtrack of my life when they dropped it in 1978. I'd just graduated from college, and getting ready to start living.

Macy Primm

Wow what a great memory 😍


I love this song.  The lyrics are still relevant because even in this day and age folks do think they are superior unto you.  A good example:  The Clippers owner and his warped views of his players.  

James St. Patrick

yes,the words are very powerful with a strong message that today's music will never compare

James Walker

This applies to the situations today with trump in office.

Larry Roberts

this album catapulted them to major funk band status, and it was their best effort no doubt

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