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by LTJ Bukem

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essence This is history right here in the makin' So call this…
Horizon Lift up your eyes upon This day breaking for you Give birth…
Horizons Lift up your eyes upon This day breaking for you Give birth…
Our World [Sole'] Yo yo, yo I come cook and cut 5'6" and buff Not…
The Essence This is history right here in the makin' So call this…
The James Bond Theme Now let it lift you, oh! One love will One love will One…

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Comments from YouTube:

Christian Andersen

Still one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever heard

Anal Eyes Analyze Anal Lies

Christian Andersen It really is. Still. 4 years on still.


This reminds me of such a great time in my life that i almost cry hearing this, thinking back on it. Especially when the "i wish" vocals come in...


Love this. Like having a timescope being able to peak back 20 years. So different, unreal how things turned out. We are more alive to the world as the world slowly dies in front of. My kids will follow their own path but they will know what direction daddy came from. Bless you kids. The world is new to you, fresh, it's ready for yous amazing

art perez

searching jungle sky on utube in the off chance i might find this track & hear it, & ur comments all sayin my same thoughts too. This song made me cry when i just heard it again the 1st time in, what, 15, 20 years? Indescribable emotional experience this track, i guess the lyric says it all; "i wish...just if u could understand the way i feel inside." The nyc underground movement of the 90's is the most meaningful happening and foundation of my life, and yeah, what rage1776 said.


never knew the name to this track. Glad you put this up. We are once again reunited.

Jarrod Barrett

Never forget, One love


...when the music had soul


amen...and going to parties was my life...when the scene was still real

kevin knox

Never gets old. Takes me back to NYC in 97...great City, a very great time to be alive.

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