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MC Conrad
LTJ Bukem feat. MC Conrad & DRS Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by LTJ Bukem:

essence This is history right here in the makin' So call this…
Horizon Lift up your eyes upon This day breaking for you Give birth…
Horizons Lift up your eyes upon This day breaking for you Give birth…
Our World [Sole'] Yo yo, yo I come cook and cut 5'6" and buff Not…
The Essence This is history right here in the makin' So call this…
The James Bond Theme Now let it lift you, oh! One love will One love will One…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Currently that ambient is dead. Sadly.
Even the same artists are not able to make such works as back on those days (90s and early 00s).
The currently music is not bad. But it is soulless.
It doesn't touch your senses. It sounds rather, "streaked", more strident.
One will never get tired to listening their old artworks. But with currently music, you listen it twice or three times, and you'll get tired.
Such masters like PFM, Makoto, Bukem, Blu Mar Ten, Blame, Seba, Rantoul, etc, etc. With such artworks like Progression Sessions, Earth, Logical Progression, Producer, Points In Time...
Those sounds were able to lift you linking you to the infinity sky. And the ambient in the gigs looked AWESOME, AMAZING. Nevermind if listening into a warm, cold or foggy night. Really, that old music is special.
But now.
Almost I can say they have lost their magic. I don't know why. But it's not the same.
Maybe due to following the "mainstream" sounds. Money. I don't know.
Anyway I could understand if so.
We all need money. But... Really that magic has be gone.
Greetings from Spain and thanks for sharing.

All comments from YouTube:

iteru Re

6:40 omfg SO GOOD that is dnb gold

John Schofield

Yeh deffo! That baseline could have its own sub genre

Koit Sammel


Constantin Lungu

Jeez i literally read your comment and watched it and all that came out of me what 'aaaah thats absolute fucking gold mate' those sub bass notes FUCK!

Sascha Ronneburger

does anyone know the song by his name?


AMBASSiDOR EHANi nu-moon - like this

iteru Re

damn that was nice, good find

DJ Jo Public

glad to be of service, find more quality sets like this in my playlists - peace

Boris Horvath

it is 14 years ago and still one of the best dnb session ever


@Silas Bertodo hahahaha 😭

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