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The Hunter
by La-Ventura

Look out here she comes, will she find you?
Breathe my love I'm waiting...
'till I touch you... inside

Watch out where you go, she might be hunting
There's no time to hide away: You've gone...
Slowly insane!

You don't want to fall
But when it comes along
It doesn't get us all
I warn you!
When it makes you fall
It will unlight you
And when it takes control
You've died too!

Listen to her noiseless words, unspoken
Dream my dear I'm waiting
To embrace you... with love

Move your feet don't hesitate
You must keep running
Feel no fear when she's coming in
To take... over your brain!

You don't want to
You don't want to
You don't want to fall!

Writer(s): Mike Saffrie, Carla Douw Copyright: Talpa Music

Contributed by Julian L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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