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Liar Liar
by LaTocha Scott

[Verse One:]
Never gonna put you out,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna break your heart,
Never gonna mess around.
Never gonna tell you lies,
Never gonna make you cry,
All those things you said,
Now would you mind telling me why,
I'm out here all alone,
And I'm feeling let down,
My heart's broken up in two,
I'm wondering what was true.
Hearing all the shit you said,
Now somebody else is in your bed,
And now that I've got your attention...

Listen to the sound of me breaking down, down, down,
Can't hear me losing my mind?
Everything that's everything is nothing,
And I can't tell your truth from your lies.
This is the sound of me breaking down, down, down,
Over and over in my head.
You're a liar, a liar, a liar.

[Verse Two:]
So why don't you just hush up all that noise,
That's all it ever was.
Hope you're gonna try to confess,
What you should've said.
Just a simple friend,
I didn't mean to fall in love,
Well I fell for the spell that you cast,
And as if that wasn't enough.
No hold up right now (wait a minute baby),
I gotta get this off my chest somehow,
'cause I'm running out of ways to say just what I mean,
Can you tell by the look on my face,
That I just want to scream.

[Repeat Chorus]
All the things we do in the heat of the moment,
It can cost you a lifetime of happiness.
All the things we do in the heat of the moment,
For many days to come can cause you nothing but distress.
All the things we said in the heat of the moment,
You may think everything's going right,
But the very next day they change.
All the things you said in the heat of the moment...

[Repeat Chorus to fade]
Sometimes in our lives,
See there's right or wrong, right or wrong, right or wrong,
See I'm here to let why'all know,
That my life, my life, my life,
That my life goes on

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