Play It Fair
LaVern Baker Lyrics

Give your heart to the one
Who gave her heart to you
If you must play the game
Play it fair (play it fair)

Save your love for the one
Who saves her love for you
If you must play with love
Play it fair (play it fair)
Oh you don't have to be wise
No you don't have to be so smart
Just to realize
It's wrong to break a heart

So be true to the one
Who's always true to you
If she's true why can't you
Play it fair (play it fair)

Yes you-ooo should bear in mind
That you just can't live alone
So why not spend your time
With someone all your own

Keep your mind on the one
Whose mind's always on you
If you must play the game
Play it fair (play it fair).

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Gloria Uribe

Beautiful music by living Baker I think she had the greatest voice ever I love tomorrow night and play a bear those are my favorite songs but remember Baker I think she was just had such a talented voice I'm glad you posted her thank you very much

Ima Lee McCoy

Good old blusey music of the 50's

Steve B

Let's slow dance everyone, one two, one two, sway, one two, one two, now dip Oh yeah! I'm lovin' it!

Alissa Reminiec

this is the first Lavern Baker song that I ever sang along with
Play it fair is my favorite song bbyb little miss sharecropper ( Lavern Baker)


The pix is Ruth Brown, NOT LaVern. Just sayin'...

Steve Walker

Image is of Ruth Brown

Hello Channel

That's right!

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