Ice El Hielo
La Santa Cecilia Lyrics

Ice. Water Frozen Solid.
ICE. Immigration Customs Enforcement.
Ice. El Hielo.

Eva pasando el trapo sobre la mesa ahí está
cuidando que todo brille como una perla.
Cuando llegue la patrona, que no se vuelva quejar.
No sea cosa que la acuse de ilegal.

José atiende los jardines, parecen de Disneyland
Maneja una troca vieja sin la licencia.
No importa si fue taxista allá en su tierra natal
Eso no cuenta para el Tío Sam.

El Hielo anda suelto por esas calles
Nunca se sabe cuando nos va tocar
ahora los niños lloran a la salida
Lloran al ver que no llegará mamá
Uno se queda aquí, otro se queda allá,
Eso pasa por salir a trabajar.

Marta llegó de niña y sueña con estudiar.
Pero se le hace difícil sin los papeles.
Se quedan con los laureles los que nacieron acá,
Pero ella nunca deja de luchar.

El Hielo anda suelto por esas calles
Nunca se sabe cuando nos va tocar
Ahora los niños lloran a la salida
Lloran al ver que no llegará mamá
Uno se queda aquí, otro se queda allá,
Eso pasa por salir a trabajar.

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Dave Fisher

Great song with poignant lyrics and beautifully sung.
Hope an English version will be forthcoming for all the unilingual Yanks.
Was anyone else appalled when INS was changed to ICE after 9/11?
It went from "service" to "enforcement". It's a wonder they don't have a skull and crossbones (SS?) insignia.

The US really has become a de facto fascist country. The cops look more like military with each passing day. They spend more time harrassing law-abiding people than they do the criminals (which, come to think of it, are their masters).

The thugs are in charge...

All comments from YouTube:


This song always puts a knot in my throat...

mary salazar

Tegan Stover vjj

Jose Reyes

I knw how this feels, I was deported back in 2010, And im still struggleing to adjust to being in Mexico. I grew up in the USA with my family, I am all alone here and this video got to me big time. I wish I could go back but without papers we mexican cannot make enough money for anything, especially for a lawer to try to fix our immigration status. Americans say that we take their job but in realitywe are making them more money. The americans are the ones driving the really nice cars, and having the ncie homes and sending their children to nice school, compare all that to the illegals who live in or around the proejcts where their is danger of all sorts and where we find it really difficult to make something better of our selves, but we still try and we will never give up, I knw that we are many and that we are not all bad, some are just like there many american who are. I just hope and pray to GOD that some day soon they stop deporting innocent and good good people. Take my case for example, a completelly blind mother, a father whom was in a work accident and 2 little brothe rbut yet I was trying to finish high school and work at the same time. I never broke the law or did anything bad to anyone and yet I still got deported. Now i am stuck in mexico while my family which includes my girlfirned and baby are still in the united states. I hope that soon they approve the immigration reform. I miss them so much. I love them.


Jose Reyes it’s been 6 years, how are you?

Juana Leilani

Le hechas la culpa a tus Padres? Ellos fueron los que te trajieron aca

Roger Anderson

Hola Amigo, I cannot express how badly I feel that people I share a 'skin color' with have been acting as they have toward people who do not look like me. I am very aware that just that happenstance of my grandfather immigrating to the US from Scotland via Canada put me in a position to do pretty well. This music and that of the organisation Playing for Change is bringing forth the idea that people who do not look just like me are INTERESTING! Not only that...but without them Americans would not have much on their table to eat, at home or dining out. The tables will turn, progress is going to be made.....please do know that all whites are not on the side of the big tRump....we are on YOUR side. I got mine....what I want is for everybody to be able to say that.

Veteran '66-68

Xosé Manuel Alvariño

Jose, one word, ¡ANIMO!

Bxby. Ju1issa4

Jose Reyes 😪😪

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Valerie Smykalov

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it.

Manuel Lara

Me to. I miss my dad he got deported 3- 4 years ago

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