Old Hill
La Strada Lyrics

On a houseboat and your parents are for a swim
They're back at sunset if the river don't take them.
The day is slipping by, we got to go
Time will teach us, what we need to know.
We're at the front door and we're waving goodbye.

From the corner of my window
Over the brooklyn skyline
A could with a name will bring us closer.
But no i'm not flying with you
I got too much of my own to do.
I'll se you on the other side of hope.

From your apartment you handed me riches
I know i took a few.
Ran home sick as hell and slept year-through.

Over river there's darkness coming
But that river keeps running and running.
Over land there's blood flowing
A land i was born not knowing

I can't play the part you want me to be
I'm through the forest and all i can see
Is a palace in yonder hill
If you stop you may get your fill
But you're walked the land your own way
There's isn't anything else to say
I hope we meet on the old hill some day

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Shameless - Frank the plank (Frank wakes up in Canada)

doomed doggo STUDIO'S



dotworld1453 thats whatsup 💯


this song makes me want to drink an old style and wake up in toronto


2012 😍😍

Jose Lopez

season 1 he hates canada in season 8 he helps ppl get across the border into canada🤣

Elijah Walton Hemet Blocks

Lmao! Good one!!


lmaoooo right

Jose Lopez

“how did i end up in canada i hate fucking canada”

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Ja Ja

I spent so long trying to find this song from shameless

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