Wash On By
La Strada Lyrics

More you know I want I need it
More down the street we settled the score
Cities bound by a lions roar
More you know I want I need it

More sun more bloom by and by
More you more me I ain't gonna lie
In some corner and let it wash on by
No that's over
More stars more years fall across the dream
A billion candles burn one flame
Didn't know I was so thirsty.
Fire call our name

Give it all

Come on come on let it go

Looking through death day after day
Can't find a woman to save me
Eye's playin tricks got my back to the wall.
Star in the tree or do you ride for the fall?

On a crowded train who am I?
Time you tell don't pass me by.
Look up look down there's bright sun on the wall.
In a tired world you're my wake up call.

Come on come on let's go

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Comments from YouTube:

Grace Kelly All Day

This is great guys. Now that I live near the city again --- I hope to catch you guys at a show soon.

William Frias

Damn this is cool! Just saw these guys on THECOOLTV. I HAD to find them!


you guys are amazing, i was trying to find you guys for the longest time but could not remember some lyrics! glad to rediscover you guys!


La Strada is awesome! I saw them a couple months ago, it was a really cool show. I got some good pictures from it too. Nice video guys.


i love this so much

707RipOtee Santa Rosie

"C'mon Ilean!" lol

Ruki Garrison

i love this song :D sounds kinda hippie and free soul lolz XD im weird on what i say i know :P

Matt Klein



@ryeheadley the band broke up :*(



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