Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista
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Los Chicos Hoy Saltar

Overall Meaning

arán A La Pista is a vibrant and upbeat song by the Spanish pop band La Casa Azul, which means “The Blue House” in English. The song talks about how the youth are energized and excited to hit the dance floor today. The lyrics are catchy and describe the scene where the boys and girls are dancing cheek-to-cheek while the music keeps playing. Moreover, the song speaks about how even those who are shy and introverted come out of their shells and join in, indicating that everyone is welcome to party and enjoy themselves. It is an ode to youth and their carefree and celebratory spirit.

The song’s bright and up-tempo melody is accompanied by an electric guitar, trumpet, and synthesizer. The song is very catchy and infectious, which makes it a popular track in nightclubs and music festivals. The song is a part of the band's album "La Revolución Sexual," which was released in 2007.

Interestingly, the song is a tribute to the disco movement of the 1970s and has been inspired by hits from that era like "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire and "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. The band has used this inspiration to create a modern-day interpretation that carries forward the same energy and hype that characterized the disco era.

Line by Line Meaning

Los chicos hoy saltarán a la pista
Today, the young people will jump onto the dance floor

Dejando atrás aquellos días grises
Leaving behind those gray days

El sol ha vuelto a salir
The sun has once again come out

Las risas llenarán el aire
Laughter will fill the air

Y el frío no nos detendrá
And the cold weather will not stop us

La noche espera con ansias
The night awaits eagerly

A esos jóvenes llenos de vida
For those young people full of life

Que buscan en la música su alegría
Who seek their joy through music

Y entre luces de neón y colores
And amidst neon lights and colors

Bailarán hasta el amanecer
They will dance until dawn

Porque hoy es su noche
Because tonight is their night

Y ellos son los reyes de la pista
And they are the kings of the dance floor

Los chicos hoy saltarán a la pista
Today, the young people will jump onto the dance floor

Con su música vibrando en sus venas
With their music vibrating in their veins

Y su alegría desbordando
And their joy overflowing

Nada podrá detenerlos
Nothing can stop them

Hoy son los dueños de su destino
Today, they are the owners of their destiny

Y la noche es su aliada
And the night is their ally

En la pista son libres como el viento
On the dance floor, they are free as the wind

Los chicos hoy saltarán a la pista
Today, the young people will jump onto the dance floor

Y serán felices por siempre
And they will be happy forever

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Merliiiii por siempreee


siiiiiiii uuuuuuuuuooooooo




Claro, 🥰🥺 que siiii


Me recuerda a Bruno y Oliver.
Una escena que a mi me encantó y que marca un inicio para el hijo de Merli


La acabo de ver y por eso entré a escuchar la canción.


Yo esta cancion la conoci por merli


@@Daniel-gj5dj y yo jajaja


A mi tambien me encanta he visto merli 3 o 4 veces entera. En catalan por supuesto


@@Daniel-gj5dj yo también por merli, y me encantó... Y solo recuerdo a bruno

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