Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Lyrics

Stuntin' all day
Swag on 100 million
Private plane, like Lady Gaga
Sip champagne, like Lady Gaga
Sold-out show, like Lady Gaga
Big bank-roll, like Lady Gaga
Iced-out wrist
Iced-out chain
I'm deep up in the fucking game
Everybody knows my name
Diamond ring, like Lady Gaga
Diamond ring in your face
Fuck your face, trick bitch
Fuck your life, trick bitch
I'm shaked up and I'll fuck your wife
Fuck your life you bitch ass trick

I'm posted in the trap
Strapped with an AK
Aiming at your fitted cap
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
I'm posted in the trap
Strapped with an AK
Aiming at your fitted cap
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga

I roll all the good shit
You rollin' on that Reggie Bush
I roll like Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga in this bitch
I roll all fucking day
Donatella on your hoes
Donatella, got them clothes
Donatella, dat's fo'sho
Chop her in the chopper
On a way to a sold-out show
Lady Gaga bitch ass trick
I put that on my Papa Joe
I mop you all across the floor
Snatch a fucking weave out, bitch
In front of paparazzi, singing "Paparazzi" in this bitch

I'm posted in the trap
Strapped with an AK
Aiming at your fitted cap
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
I'm posted in the trap
Strapped with an AK
Aiming at your fitted cap
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga

Fuck the world like Lady Gaga
Run the world like Lady Gaga
Phantom Pearl, like Lady Gaga
Burqa swag, like Lady Gaga
Twitter on 30 million
Under 30, hundred million
30 million fans
Straight fanning, like my children, chiling
Ask my man, Hedi at Yves about EMI
Ask anybody, I'm rich
Homie I got plenty
Shut you down, like Lady Gaga
Iced-out crown and Miuccia Prada
I son you son
Ask your father
Spell tattoo "I hate your daughter"

Ayo, I'm Lady Gaga
You know I'm Lady Gaga
Laser cut up, ladder mesh
Mugler show, I'm Lady Gaga
Bad bitches gonna walk the runway
Walk bitches, like Lady Gaga
Ortenberg, you can suck my dick
Walk bitch, you ain't Lady Gaga
Nicopanda got style, trick
Cathy Horyn, your style ain't dick
Walk a mile in these foot high heels
I run in these, you ain't running shit
You chew beef, I wear meat and stay on top
I'm gettin' fat and so is my bank
I'm on a sold out world tour bitch

I'm posted in the trap
Strapped with an AK
Aiming at your fitted cap
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
I'm posted in the trap
Strapped with an AK
Aiming at your fitted cap
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga
Cake like Lady Gaga

Written by: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

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I Love Lady Gaga’s Acting In Her Music Video 911 #LoveIt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Keep Up The Good Work Gaga

Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Jane Kelly

So when you use other people's work that they've created with THEIR talent and THEIR brain, imagination, you at least have to have some decency to pay respect to that person and give them the credit they DESERVE.

This is a video which CLEARLY uses the scenes from Sergei Paradjanov's film called "The Color of Pomegranates" (based on poems of Sayat-Nova - a greatly appreciated musician, poet armenian culture (google that, if you need to educate yourself on this. Judging by the number of likes - a bunch of people DO need that).

It talks about armenian culture, heritage and history.

Parajanov was a genius soviet filmmaker of armenian descent, a world-renowned talent alongside Tarkovsky, Scorsese and others.
His work is to this day studied in universities and considered to be masterpieces (very few filmmakers managed to develop their own unique "language" when making a film.

He did a lot for his art, was in labour camps for his views in the soviet era, had to work in a country with severe censorship.

And, most importantly, he did a lot for his people and has a tremendous legacy around the globe.

This lady is now earning money off of HIS hard work and talent.

In other words, this is yet another example of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

Remember this when this person gets another award and will be praised for her aka "imagination" and what not.

It takes literally 2 braincells to steal other's work.
But the gag need to have some smarts to pull that off too, whuch is not the case in the video above.

Don't make mockery of other ethnicities' culture and legacy.
And sure as hell - don't make money off of that.
Give people the credit that they deserve.
Create your own, don't steal other's.

Tip of the day:

Hold your "idols" accountable and don't normalise this type of shitty behavior.


Ibn Orator

Greetings Beautiful souls! (forgive me abit i know I am not exactly what you may have come here for ..) but my name is Ibn Orator...I am an Avant-Garde/introspective Hip Hop Artist from New Haven CT. I've recently released a project titled "The Fishbowl Syndrome" that is somewhat centered around the topic of our mental health and how art is sometimes viewed here in America;to which my first debut music video "The Horse on a Trampoline" works showcase on the spectrum of my own experiences with it, that i feel fans alike of FKA twigs, Kimbra , EarthGang, Flying lotus, Childish Gambino or those of Bjork, Kanye West, Lady Gaga , Lupe Fiasco, & Vince staples may resonate like to share this with you by giving a warm welcome to my Channel to not only, like and subscribe but to comment with genuine feedback. (Please leave a comment there underneath the video and not here) as i would like for my listeners to feel welcomed to give more in thought than in clout and start a conversation which is what my subject matter is based on ..."Commentary on our shared world".In hopes that this may be fruitful to you i look forward to your response

The Horse on a Trampoline Official Music Video

All the best
Ibn Orator
P.S. these times being hard is an understatement for alot of us id like to say that i love you all, if you haven't heard it from anyone and that things are about to change as they always do, for better or worse….#stayup!

La Mapo

REFERENCIAS VISUALES: Waooo!!!! Que increíble trabajo artístico como colocaron todas las referencias de lo que estaba ocurriendo en la alucinación para que una vez viendo el final pudiésemos interpretarlo luego de verlo una segunda vez, y vaya surrealismo que al verlo la primera vez me dije ¿pero esto que es? y vaya sorpresa:
0:18 la chica en el sitio del accidente con la bicicleta y las granadas en el suelo desperdigadas, haciendo referencias tal vez a perséfone cuando se adentra al inframundo al comerlas, el manto rojo cegándola, pérdida de la consciencia tal vez...
0:27 la tobillera roja que es su lesión en la pierna tras el accidente.
0:33 el caballo y el jinete la guía tal vez por este mundo surrealista que es completamente diferente al real; acá es de día el accidente es de noche.
0:45 el chico que ha chocado y que se repite el shock de verlo golpear el volante una y otra vez, sentimiento de culpa.
0:54 los presentes que juzgan y ven desde la distancia
1:06 la mujer que ha perdido a alguien en el accidente, es decir, lo representan como un muñeco de trapo, sin vida.
1:08 la referencias de que tal vez están colocándole oxigeno y sintiendo si hay lesiones en el cuello o el pulso?
1:17 los paramédicos que están llegando.
1:29 referencia a la balanza de la justicia, y como una vida tal vez pese mas una que la otra, una persona se va y otra que que se queda.
1:34 los paramédicos atendiendo a los demás pacientes
1:58 la enfermera iluminando sus ojos (se repite en varias ocasiones) ¿para buscar la conciencia?
2:01 ella perdiendo la conciencia y alejándose cada vez mas del plano terrenal y los enfermeros trayéndola de vuelta a la vida.
2:28 el paramédico tratando su tobillo herido y preparándose para darle respiración boca a boca
2:45 la serpiente es probablemente el vía para tratamiento sanguíneo, ella siendo atendida y viendo a través de los dibujos en la pared la realidad, el paramédico haciéndole masaje cardio pulmonar
3:04 es colocada en la camilla para estabilizarla
3:15 las navajas con los desfibriladores y todos los personajes en el inframundo la invitan a regresar a la vida
3:32 el miedo y la desesperación de morir.

Lo demás ya lo vimos, esta es mi apreciación amé el video y todas las referencias, me encantaria ver sus interpretaciones!!! ♥

Daniel Sheridan

This music video is so stunning. The colours, costumes, direction, cinematic references, cinematic techniques, narrative and more: beautiful.

Gaga in the video experiences this visual feast as a means of processing and making sense of a traumatic event. Everything she sees connects and is paralleled by the events revealed at the end of the video: the silhouetted El-Topo-esque man on the horse shown in a billboard advertisement; the Armenian film festival explaining the art direction of the near death experience dream; the man hitting his head against the pillow aka the man in the car who would have hit his head against the steering wheel in the crash (one of the last visceral images Gaga would have seen before blacking out); the two people who descend from the sky aka the paramedics who fly onto the scene in the helicopter and tend to the injured with emergency blankets, checking vitals and performing CPR; people taking selfies and photos; the weeping woman with the dead man; the ladder and firemen; the burst hydrant; the snake and the cross; the brace on Gaga’s ankle; the man with the oxygen mask: the mirrored light aka the torch for checking vitals; references to CPR (which in the dream Gaga refuses as she is hesitant to live again) etc etc.

All while during this near-death-dream Gaga’s soul tries to float away into the sky but the paramedic characters bring her back down, ultimately bringing her back to life.

There is a beautiful melding of mental health/trauma/ptsd and physical trauma. The accident very much is a metaphor for experiencing an episode, and her battles with ptsd, mental health and chronic pain. She says “I didn’t have my pills”, but through all the pain and trauma she still says “I don’t want to die”. Powerful, raw, artistic and beautiful. ❤️

Congrats to Lady Gaga, Tarsem Singh and the entire team who worked on this piece of art. ❤️❤️❤️

All comments from YouTube:

Billy Styler

That ending completely caught me off guard. Incredible video

Cosmic Ascent






Cristofer Kiloa

@Lee z Estas bien

Alejandro Villanueva - Tema

Art is art

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Words cannot explain how incredibly underrated this music video is. It deserved at least 1 billion views for the amount of effort and creativity that was pulled into (+ that song is a banger)

Abla Salman

ع تع٥

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