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by Lakes

We have lyrics for these tracks by Lakes:

Back In Your Head Yesterday I felt your weighted breathe upon my lips That lo…
Broadlyn Well, his soul was in New Orleans. And her love, that…
I Was There I was there I was there when the ground was shaking I…
Indian Lover When my baby came around She was just like gold and…
It's You It's Me I wanted it all to leave I wanted you to stay It's…
Latersss If I could let out a sound, as I stare…
Lifting Me Up You're the kind of man that takes what he can…
Loose Fix These shadow sink through the dark Echoes find a new voice…
Love or Gain I learned to pray with my eyes closed. But I never…
Photographs All the years tracked by photographs in albums Takes us bac…
Sweet Dream Sweet dream I have tasted all your mystery All your magic …
The Agreement Song I'll be your home And you'll be my getaway I'll be your…
The Feeling I woke up alone From a dream that was real That I…
The Ghost and The Man I felt the gravity The ghost and the man in me Fighting…
The Heart is an Anchor I saw the sea, pulled you into a dream, said,…
The Tree We were young and eager minds to form We were safe…
When We Were younger Time was blurred in our minds Open and free When we were…
White Flag I'll be coming home by the end of this song. I'll…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jacob Everett

Nice to see Fisher without his mask on for once

David de Vicente

ResiPodcasty That should be reality but I follow fisher on instagram and NEVER posted a photo on the studio or producing anything, never, which is significant....

DJ Seaside

@ResiPodcasty facts and without fisher the songs wouldnt be that present in the news and media

Nova Motion



Producing and making is still a difference and I am pretty sure the ideas for the tracks were FISHER's, while Chris helped with the production and realization. Doesn't mean FISHER didn't do significant part of the job. I love Chris and he sure deserves credit for FISHER's tracks, but that does not mean FISHER is just a wanker. I think he is still a very decent producer.

Matthew D

Liam Attwells you’re kidding me right? 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Laura Cassin

Here's the full updated tracklist:

1. BETON - Directions (feat. Wevie Stonder (Original Mix) [0:00-5:29]
2. Chris Lake - Lose My Mind [5:29- 8:53]
3. Yaeji - Raingurl (Chris Lake Edit) [8:53 - 13:21]
4. Hazzaro - Simon Says [13:21 - 16:35]
5. Goooey Vuitton - Appreciation [16:35 - 21:00]
6. Brett Gould - Get Down [21:00 - 22:21]
7. Kyle Watson - Vice Versa [22:21 - 25:58]
8. Ed Nine & KE - All Them Looks [25:58 - 29:15]
9. FISHER - You Little Beauty [29:15 - 32:21]
10. Anti Up - Pizza [32:21 - 35:40]
11. Taiki Nulight - Way I Feel [35:40 - 37:40]
12. Chris Lake & Walker & Royce - Dance With Me [37:40 - 42:04]
13. Chris Lake & Green Velvet - Deceiver [42:04 - 46:50]
14. Chris Lake (feat. Alexis Roberts) - Turn off the Lights (Cages Remix) [46:50 - 50:24]
15. Chris Lake & Destructo - Y.O.D.O [50:24 - 53:38]
16. Chris Lorenzo & Taiki Nulight (feat. Dread MC) - Mind Control (Never Say Never) [53:38 - 56:56]
17. Steve Lawler & Arthur Baker - Into The Groove (Amine Edge & Dance Remix) [56:56 - 1:00:57]
18. Chris Lake & Marco Lys - La Tromba (Marco Lys Rework) [1:00:57 - 1:06:16]

Juan Pablo Taborda Gonzalez

OMG. Here there's an ocean of good shit.

Devenir Mecano

love ya

Joe Mendoza

You’re a goddess for posting this omg

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