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Larry "Mr. Fingers" Heard Lyrics

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The way you look at me
tells me things unspoken
and the look in your eyes
tells me your hearts been broken before.
The way you touch my hand
so gentle and sweet.
Exciting is a thought
but when my body is needing it's more.

I know it's not real
I know it's not real
don't tease me baby.

Girl, how does it feel when you're teasing me
like I'm teasing too?
You've got to let go.

Seduce me with your smile
and your cool mistique.
The way we make love
Hey, it's all unique don't you know?

In a room full of people
you're the only one I see
the little things you do
Girl, they make me weak and it shows.

I know it's not real
I know it's not real...

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Café del Mar forever ❤




Cafe del Mar ❣️


Absolutely gorgeaus


Amazing song!
I love it


beautiful song.. <3


Thanks for uploading👍


Cafe del mar 1998


omigaddo hidden gem


g e n i a l

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