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by Le'Andria Johnson

Saying you love me comes easy showing you love
Must be hard my soul can't take another broken heart
Why do you say you love me when you know you really
Don't mean it is lust the only factor cause love I
Just don't see it cause love

Love is complicated (love) love is complicated

So what you waited for love don't live here
No more I've done all I can do but love you just don't
Do my love will stand in the mist of the storm can
You hear me calling from a broken wall cause love
I don't know why love is

Oh listen here, loving you with all my heart
Always knew we will never part but we both know love
Don't come easy that's why love is complicated love
Is complicated (oh) I really want to know why love is so


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Android Christ

You know God is love and often times we deal with people who can't produce love because they are under the control of a loveless creature, which is Satan. Love actually isn't complicated because that would make God complicated but we deal with complicated people who can't love.

Trini b

People aren't complicated you are life is complicated

Kenya Tucker

That's A Fact

Keisha Borders

I was just about to respond on the same level but you explained it perfectly. God is love and if we are living in love according to God's very own character then it is not complicated.

April Cook


Lamesa Jenkins

Quanisha Lewis Lilly a great song about love not a church song but a great song understanding on what a relationship really supposed to be and if we trust God that love song works

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danielle gibson

My God. I been following her since Sunday best. She's one of my favorite gospel singers. The power behind her voice gets me every time. Thank you Jesus for her!!

Stephie Flournoy

This is the best song ever produced by her.
It's discribes how a person who can love someone and the other person doesn't realize that...the love affair is a one way street.
People of God...hold on and watch God bring the perfect love on the lonely street you're standing on!!!
This song is designed for men as well...

Kei S

This is so true I'm going thru something right now. This song is tell me that I don't need to worry my god have it all under control.

Karla Henderson


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