Review My Kisses
LeAnn Rimes Lyrics

I'm only happy when I'm with you
I only feel good when I'm talking to you
And I'm a mess when you don't call me
Call me at night
Where did you go
Where did you go
And did you think of me

It's hard to breathe
And my heart's sinking
I'm slipping fast
As I am reaching for you
It's gonna hurt cause
I have been there before
Can't take much more
Can't take another night
Without you here beside me

I want to review my kisses
On every inch of your body
I want to reveal my secrets
That only you should know
I feel all this pain inside me
That only your lips can make better
I want to review my kisses
So you won't forget that you are mine

Don't want to care
More than you do
Don't want to be the one
Who's out in the rain
Don't want to get that
Call where you sound so cold
So far away, so far away
Like the distant roll of thunder


It's a cave in the darkness
And I'm lost inside you
Don't go

I want to review my kisses
On every inch of your body
I want to reveal my secrets
That only you should know
I feel like a childless mother
Longing to hold her baby
If I could review my kisses
Then you won't forget that you are mine

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Comments from YouTube:

Kell Nos

i love this version better cause she gives it her flavor and with her voice not sounding like anyone else's well it's safe to say she did a very nice job on this song. lara was ok. but way tame.

Martin Jackson

The sound of rain at the start makes it for me.

Brenda M

ONE of the most ENCHANTING Recordings. The relaxing Storm and rain flowing with the tune. Dancing spirit of real loving and honesty with the depth and so much vocal color. I dream of covering this someday.

Tek Sheng Shin

i love lara and leann. after i listened both version, i would like to say that this song is good under the voice of Leann Rimes. Leann sang it more emotional and the music was better. meanwhile, Lara sang it too soft and too smooth..

Jillian Bell

Written by Australian Marie Wilson, and Desmond Child... Killer song! :) x

Karen Jean Hunt

No words! That last note! ShaDamn!

sequilia stevens

'I feel all this painnnn inside meeee"
Whew that hit's differentπŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Louie Neira

I love the way she says β€œkisses.” No one can sing this like LeAnn!

Frank Birch

Both Leanne and Lara sing this song so well, with different voice tones and interpretations. Bravo to both!

Dannie Bunsz

i love this song 😍

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