Messetschinko Lio Greïlivko
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Месечинко льо, грейливка,
Грейливка и светкаливка,

Ти грееш по цела света,
Високо, още далеко.

Нашено село грееш ли?
Грееш ли, още видиш ли?

Сбират ли моми попрелки?
Сидьот ли любе до любе?

Сидьот ли любе до любе?
До мойно любе кой сиди?


La luna

Tu brili sopra tutto il mondo
Così alto, così lontano.
Nel mio villaggio brilli? Brilli ? riesci a vedere?
Le donne si riuniscono.
Si siedono accanto ai loro cari?
Si siedono accanto ai loro cari,
Accanto al mio che è seduto?

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The land where the Angels had dropped their voices, Bulgaria.


槌でうたれたような強烈な印象。 いつまでも心にのこる歌声。


Ти грееш по цела света, високо, още далеко. В нашено село грееш ли, грееш ли, още видиш ли? Сбират ли моми попрелки, сидьот ли любе до любе? Сидьот ли любе до любе, до мойно любе кой сиди?


chills, always chills and goose-bumps around 20s into Messetschinko lio Greilivko when the additional vocalists chime in. every time. thought about it some more, guess its because it is a stacked octave with some sitting on the fifth. bulgarian power chord?


It's song also close to my heart... even with no understanding of words, only the sound of them gives me extraordinary feelings of love and lost in the same time... nostalgia Now google translate gives a very ... lirycs... so if anyone would be kind to try to translate it in nice way... that would be much appreciated.


@stellaaa014 А теперь по-русски: Ты греешь по целому свету Высоко да далеко. В наше село греешь ли, Греешь ли, да видишь ли? Собрались ли мои родные, Сидят ли любимый с любимой? Сидят ли любимый с любимой? Да мой любимый с кем сидит?


Meraviglia delle meraviglie..... ✨✨✨✨




You shine over the world So high, so far away. In my villiage do you shine, Do you shine there, can you see? Do women gather together Do they sit next to their loved ones? Do they sit next to their loved ones, Next to mine who is sitting? I am sorry that I don't have the linguistical knowledge to translate it in more suitable way. The song is in the old language, Genarally 'poprelki' are gatherings where women sing, weave and flirt with men, so in the translation I simply put "gather together"


Eli Slavcheva
Hi! Could you by any chance give a phonetic transcription? or even the bulgarian original lyrics in cyrillic? thank you

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